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#62 fixed Unbreak phpMyAdmin andersk

The phpMyAdmin installation(s) in the sql locker are old and somewhat screwed up. geofft was going to fix this but he went to sleep, so I’m recording the necessary steps here as a reminder.

  • svn co
  • Copy to
    • Set $cfg['blowfish_secret'] to a secure random value.
    • Set $cfg['Servers'][$i]['host'] = ''
    • Set $cfg['Servers'][$i]['extension'] = 'mysqli'
    • Set $cfg['ForceSSL'] = TRUE
  • Copy /etc/php.ini to php.ini.
    • Add the mcrypt and mysqli extensions.

The patches and .htaccess redirect are then unnecessary, and future upgrades will be as simple as svn up. (Example: <>.)

#65 fixed Support Django geofft

Django is popular and cool. kcarnold has expressed interest in helping make a Django installer, perhaps akin to nelhage's Jifty installer. Since Django does not have external dependencies outside stock Python, this should be easy.

#66 fixed Upgrade to Fedora 8 (or 9) andersk

We’re getting too far behind the Fedora release cycle. We should upgrade to Fedora 8, or 9 when it comes out later this month, but we should try not to wait any longer than that.

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