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#48 fixed SNI, giving certificates on * for FF 2 and IE 7 presbrey andersk

Currently gives a certificate error. We have a valid certificate for * but it is currently not used. The problem is that (modulo recent extensions) the HTTPS protocol doesn’t support sending the virtual host name before the server must decide which certificate to present.

There have been two proposed solutions. One is to use the SNI extension. This requires upgrading OpenSSL to at least 0.9.8f, patching mod_ssl, and using relatively recent browsers (old browsers will fall back to the current behavior).

The other is to move * to a separate IP from, so that the server knows which certificate to present based on the IP. This is less general (we can’t extend this to work with arbitrary vhosts), but we could probably implement it now.

#270 fixed Scripts LVS upgrade needs work achernya

Remaining tasks:

  • Split common parts of scripts-vm-host into scripts-base and scripts-munin-config
  • Make scripts-director-host
  • Scriptsify ldirectord to apply patch
  • Upgrade ipvsadm
#280 fixed Separate core AFS monitoring from foreign cells adehnert adehnert

At the moment, it's hard to tell when a nagios AFS warning is due to something we care about (-c athena or -c sipb mostly, I think) going down vs. some foreign cell. We probably want separate nagios checks for the two.

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