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#126 worksforme o hai i hacked ur servers mitchb quentin

im a systems administrator and u suck

#127 wontfix zephyr discussion of tickets should get cross-posted to RT adehnert

Generally speaking, when I look at a ticket that's been around a while, I need to look at both the RT history and the zephyr history. This is annoying. We should have a zephyrbot to crosspost zephyr traffic on the relevant instances to RT.

#128 fixed Several tickets fail to display now (due to SensitiveTickets plugin bug) andersk

Tickets #1 and #2 (at least) in this Trac are broken. We should fix them.

scripts / trac-#127 / adehnert  22:36  (Alex Dehnert)
    adehnert filed a new ticket:
    ttants: 1, 687224 should be aware that ticket number 1 is
    not the same as number 687224.
scripts / trac-not-#127 / andersk  01:20  (Anders Kaseorg)
scripts / trac-not-#127 / andersk  01:21  (Anders Kaseorg)
    Oh, I bet it complains that ticket 687224 doesn’t exist because it’s
    trying to linkify the text “[ #687224]” in the comment.
scripts / trac-not-#127 / quentin  01:22  (Quentin Smith)
    Oh. It's probably trying to check the permissions on that link...
scripts / trac-not-#127 / quentin  01:22  (Quentin Smith)
    (I didn't disable that part of the sensitivetickets plugin...)
scripts / trac-not-#127 / andersk  01:22  (Anders Kaseorg)
    Why… does it care about the permissions on that link?
scripts / trac-not-#127 / quentin  01:23  (Quentin Smith)
    Presumably because it's trying to find out the title and state of the
    tickets so it can put a TITLE on the link?
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