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#127 wontfix zephyr discussion of tickets should get cross-posted to RT adehnert

Generally speaking, when I look at a ticket that's been around a while, I need to look at both the RT history and the zephyr history. This is annoying. We should have a zephyrbot to crosspost zephyr traffic on the relevant instances to RT.

#180 fixed whoisd should have a init script ezyang

So we can run service whoisd restart or service scripts-whoisd restart.

#146 fixed whoisd should deal with lost connections to slapd mitchb mitchb

Apparently restarting slapd (now that we sort of can do so) will break whoisd because it only opens a single connection when it starts up. We should make it try to reconnect if it loses that connection so that the whois webapp doesn't silently break.

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