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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#419 SSL certificate automation and Let’s Encrypt integration new enhancement major
#230 Support moving hostnames across locker boundaries new enhancement normal
#241 Pony CSR integration new enhancement normal
#244 Pony should show pending requests new defect normal
#249 Pony does not distinguish between moira/dns/resolved states new dzaefn defect normal
#301 Requesting hostnames should report success obviously new defect normal
#333 Pony should check that paths for hostname requests exist new enhancement normal
#358 Pony needs a "lock"/"hold" button assigned lfaraone enhancement normal
#362 Pony should set user expectations appropriately new enhancement normal
#380 Scripts pony mitcert integration new enhancement normal
#398 Improve Pony-User Interaction new enhancement normal
#404 Use tmpl_context, not threading.local(), for request-local state new defect normal
#406 Pony should create RT tickets via the API instead of by email new defect normal
#155 pony fails if daemon.scripts-pony doesn't have "list" on the locker new enhancement minor
#248 Pony needs more knobs new enhancement minor
#326 Pony approval should be atomic new defect minor
#355 Move stella web client into the scripts locker new defect minor
#360 Pony Reply-To header confuses RT new defect minor
#401 No error message on pony when managing invalid or restricted locker new defect minor
#413 Improperly escaped error when a locker isn't signed up new defect minor
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