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(edit) @2271   10 years achernya Update statoveride post-action for /bin -> /usr/bin transition
(edit) @2270   10 years ezyang Add Scripts-IP for debugging purposes (identify real server, no X- ...
(edit) @2269   10 years ezyang Split sql-mit-edu.cfg.php into sql-password for platform agnosticism.
(edit) @2268   10 years ezyang Cutover updates
(edit) @2267   10 years andersk Move php sessions to /var/lib/scripts-php-sessions
(edit) @2266   10 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2265   10 years andersk mbash: exec bash This is far from ideal—we still lose the login shell ...
(edit) @2264   10 years adehnert Switch to upstream cipher suites
(edit) @2263   10 years geofft Certificate and configuration for and
(edit) @2258   10 years achernya Certificate renewal for nudelta; remove ailg-bdf as it is not configured
(edit) @2257   10 years adehnert Serve Django 1.4 admin media Django 1.4 relocated the admin media in ...
(edit) @2256   10 years quentin Add a NRPE command for monitoring SMTP on localhost
(edit) @2255   10 years quentin Partially revert r2254, and allow postfix to calculate its own mynetworks.
(edit) @2254   10 years achernya Update to postfix 2.9.3
(edit) @2252   10 years achernya Add m-c and l-s to known hosts
(edit) @2251   10 years achernya Enable hostbased to m-c and l-s
(edit) @2250   10 years ezyang Remove F15 from pool.
(edit) @2249   10 years ezyang Lower weight of w-e, the inaugural F17 primary.
(edit) @2248   10 years ezyang Add all new FC17 servers to pool.
(edit) @2247   10 years ezyang Add entries for miracle-cure and lucky-star.
(edit) @2246   10 years ezyang Reintegrate Fedora 17 development branch into trunk.
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