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(edit) @2485   10 years btidor Make our documentation less offensive
(edit) @2484   10 years adehnert Update package-build-howto * Paths have changed * Explicitly mention ...
(edit) @2349   11 years adehnert Minor corrections to networking/svn docs * lo:3 is consistent * refer ...
(edit) @2348   11 years adehnert Add section on the interaction of network and svn We've talked about ...
(edit) @2318   11 years ezyang Notes for setting up XVM test server.
(edit) @2317   11 years adehnert We're well past F9, and the filename should reflect that
(edit) @2316   11 years adehnert Minor updates to the install instructions
(edit) @2315   11 years ezyang Updated XVM instructions plus kickstarter.
(edit) @2303   11 years ezyang Revert previous commit.
(edit) @2302   11 years ezyang A note for the next maintainer to mailbomb us.
(edit) @2298   11 years ezyang More updates from Wizard install.
(edit) @2268   11 years ezyang Cutover updates
(edit) @2246   11 years ezyang Reintegrate Fedora 17 development branch into trunk.
(edit) @2214   11 years ezyang Let Fedora dynamically allocate the UID.
(edit) @2113   12 years ezyang Fix clobbered hunk.
(edit) @2112   12 years ezyang More docs.
(edit) @2111   12 years achernya Update to make more sense
(edit) @2080   12 years ezyang Information on how to reenable password SSH.
(edit) @2079   12 years ezyang Some updates from setting up Wizard and Test servers.
(edit) @2070   12 years ezyang Cutover documentation.
(edit) @2068   12 years ezyang More doc updates.
(edit) @2066   12 years achernya Merge branches/fc15-dev to trunk
(edit) @1986   12 years geofft Fix notes about changelog initialization
(edit) @1983   12 years geofft Add more steps about changelog initialization to LDAP MMR setup
(edit) @1961   12 years ezyang Split up install instructions for different types.
(edit) @1891   12 years quentin Move Xen stuff into a separate host/ directory
(edit) @1866   12 years quentin sync package list with conan-obrien
(edit) @1862   12 years quentin More updates to Xen install docs
(edit) @1861   12 years quentin More host configuration instructions
(edit) @1860   12 years quentin list-sigs doesn't actually check if the signature is valid (bad Debian!)
(edit) @1859   12 years quentin Provide instructions for verifying the Debathena archive key
(edit) @1858   12 years quentin Update host install instructions for Squeeze
(edit) @1818   12 years mitchb Move 389-ds's slapd-scripts.socket to /var/run It turns out that mode ...
(edit) @1712   13 years ezyang Comment about replacing source.
(edit) @1704   13 years ezyang Info about adding servers to SSH config.
(edit) @1699   13 years ezyang Word of warning about PHP sessions.
(edit) @1698   13 years ezyang Restore r1692.
(edit) @1696   13 years ezyang Add notes about first-time installs of hostnames.
(edit) @1695   13 years ezyang Add section about testing infrastructure.
(edit) @1693   13 years ezyang Merge Fedora 13 development back to trunk.
(edit) @1687   13 years adehnert Add NRPE to install docs
(edit) @1612   13 years ezyang Instructions for installing a Fedora image on Xen.
(edit) @1558   13 years adehnert Clarify/expand the package build instructions
(edit) @1544   13 years geofft Revert " Unpushed commit from February 8" As Mitch ...
(edit) @1542   13 years geofft Unpushed commit from February 8 Apparently I was ...
(edit) @1532   13 years quentin Add an index on scriptsVhostAccount, so that Pony's query will be happy
(edit) @1489   14 years mitchb Fix directions for adding static extensions ========= Instance: ...
(edit) @1482   14 years ezyang Take upstream changes to use alternative runtime directory for fcgi; ...
(edit) @1481   14 years ezyang Don't chmod /var/run/httpd 0700, since that breaks fcgid.
(edit) @1473   14 years mitchb LDAP, now with 200% more indexed queries! Previously, only about 1/3 ...
(edit) @1462   14 years geofft IBTSOCS
(edit) @1461   14 years geofft surprise I'm installing GDChart
(edit) @1451   14 years quentin Add Munin configuration to the install instructions
(edit) @1450   14 years mitchb More LDAP customizations needed on test servers
(edit) @1432   14 years xavid Add information about the -Z flag to easy_install.
(edit) @1382   14 years ezyang Miscellaneous extra instructions from f11-test.
(edit) @1381   14 years ezyang Misc doc updates from install f11-test.
(edit) @1353   14 years mitchb Complete overhaul of package building/patching documentation
(edit) @1349   14 years geofft Fix documentation
(edit) @1320   14 years mitchb The whois daemon needs a credential file installed, too
(edit) @1296   14 years mitchb fedora-ds is now 389-ds - "People like alphanumeric digits"
(edit) @1294   14 years mitchb We got nss-ldapd into Fedora! Stop building it from OpenSuSE.
(edit) @1259   14 years mitchb Reintegrate branches/fc11-dev (r1121:1258) to trunk
(edit) @1241   14 years ezyang Preliminary commit of Xen installation documents.
(edit) @1237   14 years mitchb Small fixes to the server installation doc
(edit) @1234   14 years mitchb Package the php logging module stupid_server_install_kludges--;
(edit) @1190   14 years mitchb Make the server install directions slightly more complete
(edit) @1178   14 years mitchb Make installation of a scripts server less of a hazing ritual by ...
(edit) @1177   14 years quentin Document how to generate a pkcs12 file from a PEM certificate and key
(copy) @1119   14 years mitchb Restructure so trunk of the repo is at /trunk, not / (part 1)
copied from server/doc:
(edit) @1110   14 years quentin Ask RPM about perl modules, not just package names
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