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Jan 1, 2013, 8:19:29 PM (11 years ago)
Add section on the interaction of network and svn

We've talked about why the hostname for the svn repo is complicated repeatedly
in the last few weeks, so document what makes it problematic and how to deal
with it.
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    5757    xm create scripts-server machine_name=$MACHINE && console $MACHINE
     59Networking and Subversion
     62Our Subversion repository lives at svn:// Our hosts bind to on localhost. Unfortunately, this means that checking out the
     64subversion repository on a new server while you're in the process of setting it
     65up sometimes won't work. In particular, if the server is already binding the IP address, but not yet serving svn, your attempt to do the
     67checkout will connect to the local machine and fail.
     69Any of the following should let you evade this issue:
     70* Avoid doing any svn operations between your first reboot and when svn is
     71  working. The networking changes from the install won't take effect until you
     72  reboot. Ordinarily, you won't need to do any commits or updates between the
     73  reboot and when LDAP and svn:// serving are working.
     74* Temporarily down the lo alias with the IP address
     75  (; seems to be lo:3 semi-consistently)
     76* Do your svn checkout from a current host, instead of
     77  (for example, use svn:// Don't forget to
     78  svn switch --relocate to once the server is set up.
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