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(edit) @681   15 years andersk Drop to nobody in case of a terrible mod_vhost_ldap disaster.
(edit) @653   15 years andersk Convert framewrapper vhosts to real vhosts in LDAP.
(edit) @623   15 years quentin Move the heartbeat script to /__scripts/heartbeat so we can serve it ...
(edit) @605   15 years andersk blah blah APACHE HAS NO GODDAMN ABSTRACTION BARRIERS blah blah blah.
(edit) @604   15 years andersk Prevent vhost access controls from applying to /__scripts.
(edit) @603   15 years andersk Modularize the redirect-to-certs kludge so that users just need to say ...
(edit) @500   15 years andersk Add b-m and o-f aliases.
(edit) @493   15 years andersk Make work, for Munin monitoring.
(edit) @482   15 years andersk ou=vhosts -> ou=VirtualHosts.
(edit) @478   15 years geofft more ldap chocolatey goodness
(edit) @455   15 years geofft prelim ldap stuff
(edit) @454   15 years geofft prelim ldap stuff
(edit) @417   15 years quentin Enable munin apache graphing by turning on server-status
(edit) @408   16 years andersk SSLVerifyClient optional.
(edit) @399   16 years andersk Add www.* names for fake vhosts.
(edit) @395   16 years andersk Make lombana a real vhost.
(edit) @391   16 years andersk Enable mod_auth_optional.
(edit) @384   16 years andersk Allow mod_auth_sslcert configuration to be overridden in .htaccess.
(edit) @358   16 years quentin made the default vhost instead of; ...
(edit) @336   16 years andersk I was going to move SSLVerifyDepth 1 to vhosts-common-ssl.conf so ...
(edit) @332   16 years andersk Accept certificates on port 444.
(edit) @330   16 years andersk Modularize main vhost, and fix favicon.ico and ...
(edit) @278   16 years geofft Debugging an HTTPS problem...
(edit) @270   16 years andersk * Complete alias list for main SSL vhost. * /heartbeat should only be ...
(edit) @263   16 years geofft Include file to enable certificate authentication
(edit) @244   16 years andersk Include common config files vhosts-common.conf and ...
(add) @70   16 years presbrey auth_sslcert configuration
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