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(edit) @1749   12 years mitchb Fix vhostadd and vhostedit in the locker They work particularly ...
(edit) @1748   12 years mitchb Pristing vhostadd and vhostedit, missing from locker-dev
(edit) @1731   12 years ezyang Restore clobbered change to crontab from r1521.
(edit) @1730   12 years ezyang Merge in changes from trunk.
(edit) @1727   12 years ezyang Restore PHP iCalendar.
(edit) @1724   12 years ezyang Merge in changes from trunk.
(edit) @1692   12 years ezyang Documentation updates.
(edit) @1690   12 years andersk Merge r1675:1689 from trunk to branches/fc13-dev
(edit) @1686   12 years ezyang Add shining-armor to vhost configuration.
(edit) @1682   12 years ezyang Add shining-armor to hosts and resolv.conf.
(edit) @1681   12 years ezyang You need to start nslcd, nscd, postfix and httpd.
(edit) @1680   12 years ezyang More updates to LDAP instructions.
(edit) @1678   12 years ezyang Use -d flag for ls.
(edit) @1677   12 years ezyang More updates.
(edit) @1676   12 years andersk Avoid xargs (so stdin works), and use grep instead of parsing diff output
(edit) @1675   12 years ezyang Merge changes from trunk.
(edit) @1674   12 years ezyang Undo merge.
(edit) @1673   12 years ezyang Merge in changes from trunk.
(edit) @1672   12 years ezyang More updates from installing b-m and o-f.
(edit) @1669   12 years ezyang Remove LDAP cert check.
(edit) @1668   12 years ezyang Remove instructions obsoleted by kickstart.
(edit) @1666   12 years andersk Package python-zephyr
(edit) @1665   12 years andersk zephyr-devel requires libcom_err-devel
(edit) @1664   12 years andersk Split zephyr into subpackages, and install 32-bit zephyr-libs
(edit) @1663   12 years ezyang Add Mitch's note about kernel-firmware and noarch.
(edit) @1662   12 years ezyang Add LDAP GSSAPI migration docs.
(edit) @1661   12 years ezyang Mass documentation update.
(edit) @1660   12 years ezyang More correct sysname list.
(edit) @1659   12 years ezyang Update OpenAFS sysname.
(edit) @1658   12 years ezyang Advice about 32-bit/64-bit versioning.
(edit) @1653   12 years ezyang Update postfix version, ignore oom adjustment and add w-e to aliases.
(edit) @1650   12 years ezyang Add 32-bit nss_nonlocal to scripts-base.
(edit) @1649   12 years ezyang New package of krb5
(edit) @1647   12 years ezyang Add nss_nonlocal to scripts-base.
(edit) @1646   12 years ezyang Add httpdmods to scripts-base.
(edit) @1645   12 years ezyang Dramatically expand LDAP and installation documentation.
(edit) @1644   12 years ezyang Comment about RPM versioning and SVN.
(edit) @1638   12 years ezyang Add zephyr to scripts base.
(edit) @1637   12 years ezyang Use source RPM (hand-built).
(edit) @1636   12 years ezyang Remove shadow-utils from scripts-base.
(edit) @1635   12 years ezyang Fix rpmlint and Anders complaints.
(edit) @1634   12 years ezyang Update Scripts repo to point to fc13.
(edit) @1633   12 years ezyang Package zephyr for Fedora 13. This deprecates mit-zephyr.
(edit) @1632   12 years andersk Update Haskell specs for F13 with cabal2spec-0.22.1
(edit) @1631   12 years andersk admof: Do not use Kerberos IV
(edit) @1630   12 years ezyang Punt old suexec/install-suexec Makefile targets.
(edit) @1629   12 years ezyang Add more suggestions for fixing patches.
(edit) @1628   12 years ezyang Add some extra build-deps for krb5 and moira.
(edit) @1627   12 years ezyang Remove multihomed patch, use GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck instead.
(edit) @1626   12 years ezyang Update SSH multihomed patch for F13, remove old 4.5p1 multihomed patch.
(edit) @1625   12 years ezyang Upgrade OpenAFS to 1.4.12 for newest Fedora 13 kernel (could not use ...
(edit) @1624   12 years ezyang Add some svn:ignore entries.
(edit) @1623   12 years ezyang Actually delete GS patch.
(edit) @1622   12 years ezyang Preliminary updates to Makefile. The following changes were made: ...
(edit) @1621   12 years ezyang Failing to clear download stamp after a clean will break make.
(edit) @1620   12 years ezyang Undo SVN change, add more docs about it.
(edit) @1619   12 years ezyang Miscellaneous updates to our installation document. In particular: ...
(edit) @1618   12 years ezyang Documentation about scripts test servers on XVM
(edit) @1617   12 years ezyang In progress documentation about Fedora distribution upgrades.
(edit) @1616   12 years xavid Fix krb5 patch for f13.
(edit) @1615   12 years xavid Update spec patchs for f13.
(edit) @1614   12 years ezyang Corrections as suggested by quentin.
(edit) @1613   12 years ezyang Branch for F13 development.
(edit) @1576   13 years geofft cronload: Warn if no MAILTO= line is set.
(edit) @1568   13 years adehnert Optionally take addrend from SCRIPTS_INSTALL_ADDREND instead of prompting
(edit) @1567   13 years adehnert Optionally take locker from SCRIPTS_INSTALL_LOCKER instead of prompting
(edit) @1566   13 years ezyang Pass --web-stub-path when autoinstalling to Scripts.
(edit) @1564   13 years adehnert Some minor cronload cleanup
(edit) @1563   13 years adehnert Be saner about finding lockername in cronload
(edit) @1556   13 years andersk trac: Enable the Mercurial plugin for Mercurial repositories.
(edit) @1548   13 years ezyang Update mergeinfo.
(edit) @1534   13 years mitchb Make procmail and cron try harder to actually mail the signup user At ...
(edit) @1533   13 years adehnert Set a timezone for phpical (Trac: #5)
(edit) @1528   13 years andersk trac: Mangle HTTP_REFERER to let the login link keep you on the same page.
(edit) @1527   13 years andersk Import trac from production.
(edit) @1526   13 years adehnert Have a paren
(edit) @1525   13 years adehnert Clearer message given some people could predate *.scripts
(edit) @1524   13 years mitchb Kill off the $scriptsstar mess... mostly (It looks like onserver_star ...
(edit) @1523   13 years mitchb Stop referring to the $scriptsstar mess
(edit) @1521   13 years mitchb Send cronjob mail to the user who signed up a locker by default ...
(edit) @1520   13 years mitchb Copy initial production crontab to locker-dev branch
(edit) @1518   13 years adehnert People with DB's want to know their uninstall worked, too
(edit) @1517   13 years adehnert Remove /~$lname/ from a couple more places
(edit) @1516   13 years adehnert "What's this /~$lname/ thing?" Provide a prompt that talks about ...
(edit) @1512   13 years adehnert Fix Trac's git browser plugin in autoinstalls
(edit) @1511   13 years adehnert Make autoinstallers use ATHENA_USER instead of USER Closes Trac #113
(edit) @1496   13 years broder Don't let people shoot themselves in the foot by leaving ailocker set to ""
(edit) @1495   13 years broder Don't attach the scripts locker twice.
(edit) @1494   13 years broder Distinguish between scripts for scripts and scripts for ...
(edit) @1493   13 years broder Use a slightly more concise shell expression for setting variables.
(edit) @1492   13 years broder Parametrize the maintainer and contact for autoinstallers. This ...
(edit) @1486   13 years gdb Explain why we raise an error here
(edit) @1485   13 years gdb Time to be honest with ourselves. We're not reloading anything here.
(edit) @1484   13 years gdb Watch specific files as well
(edit) @1478   13 years mitchb * Don't put SQL passwords in command-line arguments. * When using ...
(edit) @1477   13 years mitchb * Initial commit of TG autoinstaller, for some reason. (from ...
(edit) @1469   13 years gdb Changed list of watched directories in rails fcgi
(edit) @1441   13 years mitchb Missed a couple spots on the bikeshed (more clarity for fascist locker ...
(edit) @1439   13 years mitchb Relative symlink. Really. Everywhere you create it.
(edit) @1438   13 years mitchb Make the sql signup process create a relative symlink When users ...
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