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(edit) @696   16 years price trac autoinstaller: deploy/bin/trac
(edit) @695   16 years price use tail the old-fashioned way, for dialups' sake
(edit) @694   16 years price Support a post-patch hook, for database updates.
(edit) @693   16 years price Don't run md5sum on an empty check file. It dies with an error if you do.
(edit) @692   16 years price Make updte development cycle shorter. - Remove lock file when fail, ...
(edit) @691   16 years geofft Per RT #583975, warning about the SQL password being copied
(edit) @690   16 years quentin Ignore more syslog messages
(edit) @689   16 years andersk Better detection in gfind that works on Macs.
(edit) @688   16 years andersk Use built-in ldap_bv2escaped_filter_value instead of a custom escaping ...
(edit) @687   16 years andersk We might as well present the * certificate for ...
(edit) @686   16 years andersk tabs -> spaces.
(edit) @685   16 years andersk Fix a stupid mod_ldap caching bug.
(edit) @684   16 years andersk Make the packaged suexec work.
(edit) @683   16 years andersk Add SNI support to the httpd package.
(edit) @682   16 years andersk Revert r681; this doesn't actually work.
(edit) @681   16 years andersk Drop to nobody in case of a terrible mod_vhost_ldap disaster.
(edit) @680   16 years andersk Simplify construction of wildcard hostnames.
(edit) @679   16 years andersk Skip to the fallback vhost for hostname == NULL.
(edit) @678   16 years quentin Bump scripts' load warning levels
(edit) @677   16 years andersk Remove hacks-old.
(edit) @676   16 years quentin Remove hacks-old from ldirectord config
(edit) @675   16 years geofft Also check wildcard entries before falling back on the default.
(edit) @674   16 years geofft This one's better, e.g., it works.
(edit) @673   16 years geofft Right, when you're copying things you use two variables, not one.
(edit) @672   16 years geofft Escape the hostname before inserting it in an LDAP query.
(edit) @671   16 years quentin Remove broken configuration for deprecated mime_magic module, as we ...
(edit) @670   16 years presbrey SNI certificate stuff; someone else's LVS stuff
(edit) @669   16 years geofft disable X11 forwarding; allow forwarding $EDITOR and $VISUAL because ...
(edit) @668   16 years quentin Ignore more meaningless sshd logs
(edit) @667   16 years quentin Don't log logins from non-root users
(edit) @666   16 years quentin Change syslog zephyring to coalesce messages
(edit) @665   16 years quentin Make Zephyrs more useful and move to -c scripts-auto
(edit) @664   16 years andersk -c scripts -> -c scripts-auto.
(edit) @663   16 years geofft Make signup-sql attach a locker before using it (per price, Trac #58)
(edit) @662   16 years quentin Save log and pid in the right places
(edit) @661   16 years quentin Run whoisd on startup
(edit) @660   16 years geofft mkdir -p, to avoid errors if it's already there revert removal of ...
(edit) @659   16 years broder Don't blow errors to /dev/null
(edit) @658   16 years andersk Unbreak for sun machines.
(edit) @657   16 years quentin Run if_ plugin as root so it can determine the interface speed
(edit) @656   16 years andersk And finally the vhosts directory is unused.
(edit) @655   16 years andersk Remove unused framewrapper vhost server.
(edit) @654   16 years andersk Remove old framewrapper vhost settings.
(edit) @653   16 years andersk Convert framewrapper vhosts to real vhosts in LDAP.
(edit) @652   16 years andersk Add default syslog-ng configuration.
(edit) @651   16 years andersk Move sipb-tor to LDAP also, since the error log problem seems to have ...
(edit) @650   16 years andersk We don't actually have any wildcard records pointing to us, so move ...
(edit) @649   16 years presbrey httpd.conf: configure SNI support for *:444
(edit) @648   16 years presbrey httpd.conf: configure SNI support
(edit) @647   16 years andersk Move eastgate to LDAP.
(edit) @646   16 years quentin Send to host-specific instance, and send for both root and logview
(edit) @645   16 years quentin syslog-ng configuration for zephyring when root logs in
(edit) @644   16 years quentin Remove overrides of session.save_path and include_path (old ...
(edit) @643   16 years quentin Commit outstanding change allowing ldap backups
(edit) @642   16 years andersk Only check .htaccess files inside web_scripts, thus eliminating a past ...
(edit) @641   16 years broder *mumble stupid Sun dialups* - changed signup-minimal to use /bin/bash
(edit) @640   16 years broder Fixes #6 in trac (Install scripts should validate locker name)
(edit) @639   16 years andersk Applied customizations to .htaccess and moved to LDAP.
(edit) @638   16 years andersk Migrate most vhosts from vhosts.d to LDAP, where they can be ...
(edit) @637   16 years andersk Whitespace.
(edit) @636   16 years quentin Move to the yaa locker
(edit) @635   16 years andersk Enable mod_expires.
(edit) @634   16 years andersk Fix daylighting docroot.
(edit) @633   16 years andersk daylighting.
(edit) @632   16 years andersk cdsa.
(edit) @631   16 years andersk pharmacology
(edit) @630   16 years andersk I found this lying around.
(edit) @629   16 years geofft Give an error message if admof is about to fail because scripts cannot ...
(edit) @628   16 years andersk Allow the use of non-scripts tokens when inside a PAG.
(edit) @627   16 years quentin Support LDAP vhosts in whois server
(edit) @626   16 years quentin Sync munin config
(edit) @625   16 years quentin Allow monitoring by
(edit) @624   16 years quentin Allow monitoring by
(edit) @623   16 years quentin Move the heartbeat script to /__scripts/heartbeat so we can serve it ...
(edit) @622   16 years jbarnold release openafs patch under MIT license
(edit) @621   16 years andersk reelgood, freeculture, nowplaying, flixforfree, bubblers.
(edit) @620   16 years andersk bubblers.
(edit) @619   16 years andersk Document how to add static extensions per geofft's request
(edit) @618   16 years andersk Add .svg.
(edit) @617   16 years andersk Add .svg.
(edit) @616   16 years andersk pirana
(edit) @615   16 years quentin Add
(edit) @614   16 years andersk vanvoorhis
(edit) @613   16 years geofft typo
(edit) @612   16 years geofft Ask SIPB!
(edit) @611   17 years geofft [ #549503] and ...
(edit) @610   17 years andersk
(edit) @609   17 years geofft note to self: hesiod is more reliable than random guessing
(edit) @608   17 years geofft ~losvedir/picker -> ~picker [ #553764]
(edit) @607   17 years quentin Add a second NTP server, for good measure.
(edit) @606   17 years quentin Added
(edit) @605   17 years andersk blah blah APACHE HAS NO GODDAMN ABSTRACTION BARRIERS blah blah blah.
(edit) @604   17 years andersk Prevent vhost access controls from applying to /__scripts.
(edit) @603   17 years andersk Modularize the redirect-to-certs kludge so that users just need to say ...
(edit) @602   17 years andersk /icons -> /__scripts/icons to avoid shadowing vhost namespace.
(edit) @601   17 years andersk Move redirect hack to .htaccess.
(edit) @600   17 years andersk Add aliases for presbrey.conf.
(edit) @599   17 years andersk Remove duplicate of vbrobbey.conf.
(edit) @598   17 years andersk geofft says he isn't using se23 anymore, so I'm getting rid of the ...
(edit) @597   17 years andersk scripts serves neither nor * (!!), and ...
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