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(edit) @2102   11 years andersk Makefile: patch-specs: Only patch existent specs
(edit) @2101   11 years andersk signup-scripts-backend: Make users.banned case-insensitive
(edit) @2100   11 years mitchb Fix syslog-ng/systemd interaction, or "socket to me!" systemd creates ...
(edit) @2099   11 years achernya Fix scripts-syslog-ng history, built but uncommitted changes
(edit) @2098   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for debathena and impact
(edit) @2097   11 years geofft scripts-syslog-ng-config: Package r2095 and r2096
(edit) @2096   11 years geofft d_zroot: Merge r2093 and r2094 into Debian copy
(edit) @2095   11 years geofft d_zroot: Synchronize punted messages in Debian and Fedora copies
(edit) @2094   11 years geofft d_zroot: make 'message redacted' message go to -c scripts-auto
(edit) @2093   11 years geofft d_zroot: Don't accidentally let @recipients be empty fails ...
(edit) @2092   11 years adehnert Package Evan Broder's PyAFS
(edit) @2091   11 years adehnert mock: enable the scripts repo while building
(edit) @2090   11 years geofft openafs.spec: Incorporate upstream fix to systemd-ized specfile Taken ...
(edit) @2089   11 years geofft openafs.spec: Don't attempt to restart OpenAFS on upgrade (Trac: #274) ...
(edit) @2088   11 years ezyang Vhost configuration for peoplesearch and bakerfoundation.
(edit) @2087   11 years ezyang Certificates for peoplesearch and bakerfoundation (sans vhost ...
(edit) @2086   11 years ezyang Postfix update.
(edit) @2085   11 years andersk Remove RSS <link> from sorry server page We got a report that some ...
(edit) @2084   11 years ezyang Revert r2082 and r2083 (wrong branch).
(edit) @2083   11 years ezyang Turn fc17 into a variable.
(edit) @2082   11 years ezyang Adjust Makefile for Fedora 17.
(edit) @2081   11 years ezyang Branch Fedora 17 development.
(edit) @2080   11 years ezyang Information on how to reenable password SSH.
(edit) @2079   11 years ezyang Some updates from setting up Wizard and Test servers.
(edit) @2078   11 years mitchb Fix hostbased to/from golden-egg known_hosts: Strunk & White would ...
(edit) @2077   11 years andersk /branches/locker-dev was not, in fact, merged into ...
(edit) @2076   11 years andersk Delete svn:mergeinfo from all active branches except at . and locker ...
(edit) @2075   11 years andersk Merge r1899:2074 from branches/locker-dev/locker to trunk/locker
(edit) @2074   11 years andersk Merge r2072:2073 from trunk/locker to branches/locker-dev/locker This ...
(edit) @2073   11 years andersk Merge r1846:2072 from trunk/locker to branches/locker-dev/locker
(edit) @2072   11 years andersk trac.fcgi: Suggest pkill -u LOCKER in the upgrade message To avoids ...
(edit) @2071   11 years mitchb Comment F13 realservers out of LVS configuration
(edit) @2070   11 years ezyang Cutover documentation.
(edit) @2069   11 years achernya Remove selinux and noc, as we don't use these
(edit) @2068   11 years ezyang More doc updates.
(edit) @2067   11 years achernya Enable F15 servers in ldirectord
(edit) @2066   11 years achernya Merge branches/fc15-dev to trunk
(edit) @2065   11 years achernya Tagging Fedora 13 End of Life.
(edit) @2064   11 years achernya Merge r2054-r2063 from trunk to branches/fc15-dev
(edit) @2063   11 years quentin Package afsagent systemd and get rid of rc.local sysname hack
(edit) @2062   11 years geofft openafs: One last patch for Linux 3.1 support Marc Dionne says, ...
(edit) @2061   11 years achernya Fix F15 sysnames
(edit) @2060   11 years ezyang Backport OpenAFS patches to make it work with Linux 3.1
(edit) @2059   11 years ezyang Revert r2057.
(edit) @2058   11 years ezyang Use numbered backups to accomodate multiple patches to a single spec file.
(edit) @2057   11 years ezyang Enable access logging on sorry server.
(edit) @2056   11 years andersk Revert r2043 (upstreamed as python-flask-0.6.1-3.fc15 in updates-testing)
(edit) @2055   11 years achernya Merge r2039-r2054 from trunk to branches/fc15-dev
(edit) @2054   11 years achernya Update krb5.spec.patch to 1.9.1-14
(edit) @2053   11 years achernya Certificate renewals for techfair, tf, and swe.
(edit) @2052   11 years mitchb Quentin is picky about headers - here, have them back
(edit) @2051   11 years mitchb Work around ipvsadm not knowing how to filter on fwmark We're already ...
(edit) @2050   11 years ezyang More updates.
(edit) @2049   11 years ezyang Chown daemon.keytab appropriately.
(edit) @2048   11 years achernya Upgrade from lenny to squeeze
(edit) @2047   11 years ezyang Slight reorganization.
(edit) @2046   11 years ezyang Massive doc updates.
(edit) @2045   11 years ezyang Add scripts-1024.key to credential store.
(edit) @2044   11 years ezyang Make credit-card safer and more robust.
(edit) @2043   11 years andersk python-flask: stop breaking local eggs (Trac: #266) python-flask ...
(edit) @2042   11 years ezyang Reverting: the patch is wrong, and we should wait till upstream accepts it.
(edit) @2041   11 years ezyang PHP extension loading support for .user.ini files.
(edit) @2040   11 years ezyang Nuke install-deps from orbit; Mock handles these.
(edit) @2039   11 years achernya Merge r2026-r2038 from trunk to braches/fc15-dev
(edit) @2038   11 years achernya Certificates and configuration for ashdown, listmon, sayno, whatsnext, ec.
(edit) @2037   11 years ezyang Revert r2036.
(edit) @2036   11 years ezyang Add g-e to known_hosts for scripts-ssh.
(edit) @2035   11 years ezyang Fix incorrect public key.
(edit) @2034   11 years ezyang Configure golden-egg.
(edit) @2033   11 years ezyang Use backslashes to get some newlines in ServerAlias.
(edit) @2032   11 years ezyang Add systemd dependencies on remote filesystems/cron to httpd.
(edit) @2031   11 years achernya Update redland-bindings to F15 version.
(edit) @2030   11 years achernya Update openafs-include-xstat to work on OpenAFS 1.6
(edit) @2029   11 years achernya Update path to ksu, and include pkexec in statoverride
(edit) @2028   11 years ezyang Revert r2027.
(edit) @2027   11 years ezyang Hack to httpd SySV script to depend on crond and openafs-client, so it ...
(edit) @2026   11 years achernya Merge r1989-2025 from trunk to branches/fc15-dev
(edit) @2025   11 years ezyang Patch rubygems to include threads, making old Rails 2 apps work again.
(edit) @2024   11 years achernya Correct /etc/aliases on the directors.
(edit) @2023   11 years mitchb We've vos moved - come visit us at our new location!
(edit) @2022   11 years geofft Update location of Django admin media for Python 2.7 (Trac: #253)
(edit) @2021   11 years andersk Neuter setuid bits from /usr/libexec/kde4/kpac_dhcp_helper
(edit) @2020   11 years mitchb Tune mod_fcgid parameters o Allow the number of fcgi processes for a ...
(edit) @2019   11 years ezyang Migration and formatting instructions.
(edit) @2018   11 years andersk Mention disabling PHP extensions in upgrade-tips (Trac: #206)
(edit) @2017   11 years andersk Disable new PHP extensions for F15 (Trac: #206)
(edit) @2016   11 years ezyang Extra notes about LDAP.
(edit) @2015   11 years ezyang Create AFS cache partitions for new servers.
(edit) @2014   11 years achernya Build xstat_* in OpenAFS The official OpenAFS spec file disgarded ...
(edit) @2013   11 years ezyang Certificate for
(edit) @2012   11 years ezyang httpd 2.2.21 (was lying around)
(edit) @2011   11 years ezyang Port OpenAFS to use systemd.
(edit) @2010   11 years geofft php.d: Force the timezone to America/New_York When PHP 5.4.0 is ...
(edit) @2009   11 years ezyang Explicitly specify uid 103.
(edit) @2008   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2007   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2006   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2005   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2004   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for
(edit) @2003   11 years achernya Certificate renewal for
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