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  • trunk/server/doc/install-howto.sh

    r2080 r2111  
    8484    yum remove NetworkManager
    86 # Make sure sendmail isn't installed
    87     yum remove sendmail
     86# Make sure sendmail isn't installed, replace it with postfix
     87    yum shell <<EOF
     88remove sendmail
     89install postfix
    8994# Check out the scripts /etc configuration
    116121# Replace rsyslog with syslog-ng by doing:
    117     rpm -e --nodeps rsyslog
    118     yum install -y syslog-ng
     122    yum shell <<EOF
     123remove rsyslog
     124install syslog-ng
    119128    systemctl enable syslog-ng.service
    123132rpm -qa --queryformat "%{Name}.%{Arch}\n" | sort > packages.txt
    124133# arrange for packages.txt to be passed to the server, then run:
    125 # --skip-broken will (usually) prevent you from having to sit through
    126 # several minutes of dependency resolution until it decides that
    127 # it can't install /one/ package.
    128     yum install -y --skip-broken $(cat packages.txt)
     134    cd /tmp
     135    yumdownloader --disablerepo=scripts ghc-cgi ghc-cgi-devel
     136    yum localinstall ghc-cgi*.x86_64.rpm
     137    yum install -y $(cat packages.txt)
     138# The reason this works is that ghc-cgi is marked as installonlypkgs
     139# in yum.conf, telling yum to install them side-by-side rather than
     140# updating them. If it doesn't work, use --skip-broken on the yum
     141# command line.
    130143# Check which packages are installed on your new server that are not
    140153    # ModemManager PackageKit
    142 # We need an upstream version of cgi which we've packaged ourselves, but
    143 # it doesn't work with the haskell-platform package which expects
    144 # explicit versions.  So temporarily rpm -e the package, and then
    145 # install it again after you install haskell-platform.  [Note: You
    146 # probably won't need this in Fedora 17 or something, when the Haskell
    147 # Platform gets updated.] [It's not obvious to me that this actually
    148 # works]
    149     rpm -e ghc-cgi-devel ghc-cgi
    150     yum install -y haskell-platform
    151     yumdownloader ghc-cgi
    152     yumdownloader ghc-cgi-devel
    153     rpm -i ghc-cgi*1.8.2*.rpm
    155155# ----------------------------->8--------------------------------------
    156156#                      SPHEROID SHENANIGANS
    181181# on both servers, see what the differences are, check if those diffs
    182182# are packaged up as rpms, and install them (rpm if possible, native otherwise)
    183 # - Look at /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages and
    184 #           /usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages for Python eggs and modules.
     183# - Look at /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages and
     184#           /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages for Python eggs and modules.
    185185#   There will be a lot of gunk that was installed from packages;
    186186#   easy-install.pth in /usr/lib/ will tell you what was easy_installed.
    238238#   #   [TESTSERVER] daemon.scripts-test
    240 # [PRODUCTION/WIZARD] Fix the openafs /usr/vice/etc <-> /etc/openafs
    241 # mapping.
    242     echo "/afs:/usr/vice/cache:10000000" > /usr/vice/etc/cacheinfo
    243     echo "athena.mit.edu" > /usr/vice/etc/ThisCell
    244240# [TESTSERVER] If you're installing a test server, this needs to be
    245241# much smaller; the max filesize on XVM is 10GB.  Pick something like
    249245# new systemd world order: try editing the unit file instead.)
    250246    echo "/afs:/usr/vice/cache:500000" > /usr/vice/etc/cacheinfo
     247# XXX This is out of date in the systemd world.
    251248    vim /etc/sysconfig/openafs
    300297# (Note: this errors on XeTeX which is ok.)
    301298    fmtutil-sys --all
    303 # Ensure that PHP isn't broken:
    304     mkdir /tmp/sessions
    305     chmod 01777 /tmp/sessions
    306     # XXX: this seems to get deleted if tmp gets cleaned up, so we
    307     # might need something a little better (maybe init script.)
    309300# Fix etc by making sure none of our config files got overwritten
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