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    282282    then try again.
    284 [XXX: Do we need the referrals?]
     287LDAP multimaster replication can fail in a number of colorful ways.
     288If the failure is local to a single master, usually you can recover
     289by asking another master to refresh that master with:
     291nsDS5BeginReplicaRefresh: start
     293In practice, we've also had problems with this technique.  Some of them
     296* Something like https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=547503
     297  on Fedora 11 ns-slapd, where replication is turned off to do the
     298  replication, but then it wedges and you need to forcibly kill the
     299  process.
     301* Failed LDAP authentication because another master attempted to do
     302  an incremental update.
     304* Repropagation of the error because the corrupt master thinks it still
     305  should push updates.
     307So the extremely safe method to bring up a crashed master is as follows:
     3091. Disable all incoming and outgoing replication agreements by editing
     310   /etc/dirsrv/slapd-scripts/dse.ldif. You'll need to munge:
     312   nsDS5ReplicaBindDN in cn=replica,cn=dc\3Dscripts\2Cdc\3Dmit\2Cdc\3Dedu,cn=mapping tree,cn=config
     314   and all of the push agreements.  Deleting them outright works, but
     315   means you'll have to reconstruct all of the agreements from scratch.
     3172. Bring up the server.
     3193. Accept incoming replication data from a single server.
     3214. Initiate a full update from that server.
     3235. Finish setting up replication as described above.
     325If your database gets extremely fucked, other servers may not be able
     326to authenticate because your authentication information has gone missing.
     327In that case, the minimal set of entries you need is:
     329add dc=scripts,dc=mit,dc=edu
     330objectClass: top
     331objectClass: domain
     332dc: scripts
     334add ou=People,dc=scripts,dc=mit,dc=edu
     335objectClass: top
     336objectClass: organizationalunit
     337ou: People
     339add uid=ldap/real-mccoy.mit.edu,ou=People,dc=scripts,dc=mit,dc=edu
     340objectClass: account
     341objectClass: top
     342uid: ldap/real-mccoy.mit.edu
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