Conferences in Arithmetic Geometry

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This is a list of upcoming conferences in arithmetic geometry (broadly construed); please help me keep this current. (To prevent spam, one cannot autogenerate login accounts on the wiki; email me with a proposed username to receive a password.) An ideal complete entry includes a conference title, location, dates, and a web site, but incomplete entries can also be useful. I sort events primarily by start date, secondarily by end date; the date "January" comes between December 31 and January 1. Past conferences are periodically swept onto the separate list of past conferences.

Here are some other conference lists, with overlapping but distinct areas of focus. (I admit to swiping listings from all of these sources; the converse is encouraged!)


As in the previous lists, I have separated off long programs (two months or longer).

And now for the regular conference list.


As in the previous lists, I plan to separate off long programs (two months or longer).

And here is the regular conference list.

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