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This is a page collecting job listings in arithmetic geometry, especially postings that may not be findable at standard locations like Mathjobs. For listings of special interest to female mathematicians, it is recommended to subscribe to the Women in Numbers mailing list.

Note: I've switched the ordering to list the newest postings first.

  • From Rachel Pries: a postdoc at Colorado State University. See here.
  • From Gunther Cornelissen (via Kate Stange): some tenure-track positions at Utrecht, plus Westerdijk Fellowships for female scientists (deadline February 1, 2019). See here (for the positions) and here (for the fellowships).
  • From Felipe Voloch: a postdoc in arithmetic geometry at University of Canterbury (New Zealand). See here.
  • From Vladimir Dokchitser: a postdoc in arithmetic geometry (Selmer groups of abelian varieties) at Kings College London (deadline January 9, 2019). See here.
  • From Ana Caraiani: a postdoc in p-adic geometry/Langlands program at Imperial College London (deadline January 7, 2019). See here.
  • From Ulrich Derenthal: two postdocs in arithmetic geometry at Hannover (deadline December 1, 2018). See here and here.
  • From Jennifer Balakrishnan: a permanent Associate/Full Professor position in mathematical cryptography at Oxford, in association with Lincoln Colllege (deadline November 30, 2018). See here.
  • From Rob de Jeu (via Matilde Lalin): a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in algebra (broadly construed) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (deadline November 1, 2018). See here.
  • From Alex Ghitza: a tenure-track Lecturer (equivalent of Assistant Professor) position in algebraic geometry or number theory at University of Melbourne (deadline October 16, 2018). Apply via MathJobs.
  • From Bianca Viray: two tenure-track Assistant Professor positions, with a priority in number theory, at University of Washington (deadline November 1, 2018). See here.
  • From Drew Sutherland and Jennifer Balakrishnan: there are still some openings for positions associated with the Simons Collaboration. See "Open Positions" under the previous link.
  • From Rachel Pries: a tenure-track Assistant Professor in combinatorics or number theory at Colorado State University (deadline October 14, 2018). See here.
  • From Tim Browning (via Michelle Manes): several opportunities at IST Austria. see here.
  • From Dan Yasaki (via Christelle Vincent): a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Computational Algebra, Combinatorics, or Number Theory at University of North Carolina, Greensboro. See here.
  • From Florian Hess: a W2 tenured professorship in "Mathematics: Arithmetic/Algebraic Geometry and Computer Algebra" at Oldenburg. See here.
  • From Andreas Stein: a W1 junior professorship in "Mathematics: Explicit Methods in Number Theory and Algebra" at Oldenburg (deadline September 9, 2018). See here.
  • From Jeroen Sijsling (via Christelle Vincent): a PhD position in arithmetic geometry at Ulm. See here.
  • From Claus Fieker (via Michael Stoll): a W2 professorship in "Algebra" (see here) and a W3 professorship in "Algorithmic Geometry and Algebra" (see here) at Kaiserslautern.
  • From Rachel Newton: a permanent lectureship in applied math/statistics (which could be construed to include cryptography) at Reading (deadline May 21, 2018). See here.
  • From Kristin Shaw: a three-year postdoc in algebraic/tropical geometry at University of Oslo. See here.
  • From Gergely Harcos (via Christelle Vincent): a two-year postdoc in automorphic forms at the Renyi Institute in Budapest. See here.
  • From Vytautas Paskunas: a W1 Junior Professorship (tenure-track) in algebra/number theory at Essen (deadline February 11, 2018). See here (text in German).
  • From Francois Charles (via Bjorn Poonen): a two-year postdoc in arithmetic/algebraic geometry at Orsay (deadline January 25, 2018). See here.
  • From Martin Olsson: one or more three-year RTG postdocs in number theory/arithmetic geometry at Berkeley. US citizens/permanent residents only. See here.
  • From Ali El Kaafarani: a three-year postdoc in number theory/cryptography at Oxford (deadline January 10, 2018). See here.
  • From David Harari: two one-year postdoctoral positions at IHES-IHP, potentially connected to the special program "Reinventing rational points" in spring 2019. See here.
  • From Ben Green: four three-year Titchmarsh Research Fellowships at Oxford. See here.
  • From Laurent Berger: The Excellence Laboratory Milyon offers two postdoctoral positions of two years with no teaching load for the period 2018–2020 (deadline January 10, 2018). See here and here.
  • From Sarah Zerbes: several Heilbronn Fellowships in London (KCL, King's) and Bristol.
  • The Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU) is advertising a number of three-year postdocs in Tokyo. See here.
  • From Ekin Ozman: a three-year postdoc at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul funded by the research project "Diophantine Equations: A Modular Approach". Email
  • From Pieter Moree (via Rachel Newton): a five-year W2 appointment at the Max Planck Institute in Bonn. See here.
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