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    4444Ticket data can be imported from Sourceforge using the [] script, available in the contrib/ directory of the Trac distribution.
     46See #Trac3521 for an updated sourceforge2trac script.
    4648== Mantis ==
    48 NB! The mantis2trac script now lives at . You can always get the latest version from
     50The mantis2trac script now lives at You can always get the latest version from
    5052Mantis bugs can be imported using the attached script.
     80== Jira ==
     82The [ Jira2Trac plugin] provides you with tools to import Atlassian Jira backup files into Trac.
     84The plugin consists of a Python 3.1 commandline tool that:
     86 - Parses the Jira backup XML file
     87 - Sends the imported Jira data and attachments to Trac using the [ XmlRpcPlugin]
     88 - Generates a htpasswd file containing the imported Jira users and their SHA-512 base64 encoded passwords
    7890== Other ==
    8294=== Using a comma delimited file - CSV ===
    8395See [] for details.  This approach is particularly useful if one needs to enter a large number of tickets by hand. (note that the ticket type type field, (task etc...) is also needed for this script to work with more recent Trac releases)
     96Comments on script: The script has an error on line 168, ('Ticket' needs to be 'ticket').  Also, the listed values for severity and priority are swapped.
     98=== Using an Excel (.xls) or comma delimited file (.csv) ===
     99This plugin lets you import into Trac a series of tickets from a CSV file or (if the xlrd library is installed) from an Excel file.
     101You can also use it to modify tickets in batch, by saving a report as CSV, editing the CSV file, and re-importing the tickets.
     103This plugin is very useful when starting a new project: you can import a list of requirements that may have come from meeting notes, list of features, other ticketing systems... It's also great to review the tickets off-line, or to do massive changes to tickets.
     105Based on the ticket id (or, if no id exists, on the summary) in the imported file, tickets are either created or updated.