Dec 29, 2015:

8:48 PM Changeset [2748] by quentin
Add a Milter filter to determine the uid associated with a Postfix SMTP connection.
6:07 PM Ticket #422 (Trac: Default new installs to the sendmail backend) created by adehnert
Trac supports sending notification emails, but defaults to using SMTP. …
3:56 PM Ticket #421 (Turn on reject_sender_login_mismatch) created by andersk
To help cut down on outgoing spam, we should require that mail sent …
1:11 AM Ticket #420 (Document alternative outgoing email approaches) created by adehnert
At the moment, outgoing email from scripts is unreliable. Hopefully …

Dec 17, 2015:

7:53 PM Changeset [2747] by andersk
Update OpenAFS to 1.6.16
5:30 AM Changeset [2746] by andersk
/usr/sbin/suexec has fscaps

Dec 4, 2015:

2:41 AM Ticket #389 (Enable HTTPS perfect forward secrecy) closed by andersk
fixed: Cross-server SSL session resumption is #339.
1:42 AM Changeset [2745] by achernya
Correct intermediate
1:25 AM Changeset [2744] by achernya
Certificate renwal for davidben.net

Dec 3, 2015:

11:05 PM Changeset [2743] by achernya
Patch openssl against a DoS

Nov 29, 2015:

5:39 PM Changeset [2742] by btidor
Fix for above (block outbound mail, not inbound)
5:36 PM Changeset [2741] by btidor
Block early-warning from sourcing spam
11:26 AM Changeset [2740] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for xcluster
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