Aug 4, 2014:

10:12 PM Changeset [2556] by achernya
Remove b-k from the current directors, it is being reincarnated
5:54 PM Changeset [2555] by glasgall
Add rubygem-fcgi packaging, so we don't break all our Ruby users' apps on F20.

Aug 1, 2014:

11:56 PM Changeset [2554] by andersk
Merge r2521:2550 from trunk into branches/fc20-dev
11:51 PM Changeset [2553] by andersk
install-howto: Do not chown /var/log/httpd
11:51 PM Changeset [2552] by andersk
scripts-createrepo: Accept a server argument

Jul 27, 2014:

5:52 PM Changeset [2551] by andersk
Put back CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE on suexec so it can write to /var/log/httpd In the future, though, we may want to investigate following Fedora’s switch to syslog.
5:49 PM Changeset [2550] by andersk
scripts-createrepo: Accept a server argument
12:28 AM Changeset [2549] by achernya
Correct /var/log/httpd permissions

Jul 26, 2014:

11:54 PM Changeset [2548] by achernya
Block a user too
8:21 PM Changeset [2547] by glasgall
We lose eth0's default route on F20 on interface bringup. Add it back via a route-eth0 script.
8:18 PM Changeset [2546] by glasgall
vSphere doesn't have hvc0, so remove console=hvc0. Also set net.ifnames=0 so that we get eth0 and eth1 instead of eno<random numbers>.
6:59 PM Changeset [2545] by andersk
Test all certificates for expiration, including intermediates
4:23 PM Changeset [2544] by achernya
Block a spammy user

Jul 25, 2014:

11:27 PM Changeset [2543] by andersk
Bump httpd.spec.patch for new httpd release 2.4.10-1

Jul 22, 2014:

7:00 AM Changeset [2542] by andersk
reify-vhost.py: Remove the other SSLCertificateChainFile line too
2:48 AM Changeset [2541] by achernya
Apache SSL configuration cleanup. Fixes SNI on httpd 2.4

Jul 18, 2014:

3:31 AM Changeset [2540] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for roost-test.mit.edu

Jul 13, 2014:

12:52 AM Changeset [2539] by achernya
rere roost, per davidben

Jul 10, 2014:

1:53 AM Changeset [2538] by adehnert
Enable multi-line LDAP MMR nagios checks In concert with sipb-nagios' https://github.com/sipb-noc/nagios/commit/bb75e84973f30c900bea03a703ac51840340845d, this enables multi-line LDAP MMR zephyrs.
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