Mar 16, 2013:

11:37 PM Changeset [2386] by geofft
Certificate renewal for ldpreload.com for 2 years

Mar 11, 2013:

12:50 PM Changeset [2385] by achernya
Certificate renewal for tibetforum

Mar 10, 2013:

4:14 PM Ticket #354 (Track high-connection-count users) created by adehnert
We should have a cronjob that runs every few minutes(?) and dumps of …

Mar 7, 2013:

2:47 AM Ticket #353 (Document using "pip-python") created by adehnert
I gather that pip is the new hotness, so …

Mar 6, 2013:

3:44 AM Ticket #352 (Monitor scripts hosts) created by adehnert
We should monitor scripts hosts with the usual battery of load, disk …

Mar 5, 2013:

5:39 PM Changeset [2384] by achernya
Certificate for dormbase and webid
1:19 AM Changeset [2383] by achernya
Update to OpenAFS 1.6.2

Mar 3, 2013:

3:23 AM Ticket #351 (vhost IMAPS) created by adehnert
IMAP isn't directly vhostable (Geoff thinks), but IMAPS is probably is …
3:22 AM Ticket #350 (vhost generic SSL protocols) created by adehnert
SSL has SNI, so it should be possible to generically vhost SNI …

Feb 28, 2013:

4:32 AM Changeset [2382] by achernya
3:56 AM Changeset [2381] by achernya
Merge r2380 from locker-dev to trunk
3:53 AM Changeset [2380] by achernya
Explain code review policy

Feb 27, 2013:

9:40 PM Ticket #349 (TLS SNI alerts on LDAP vhosts) created by presbrey
void is a scripts-vhost: […] that fails to handshake: […] even …
10:07 AM Changeset [2379] by adehnert
Correctly set mode of suexec.log Historically, suexec.log has been rolled with error_log, and thus the permissions have matched. However, suexec.log is considered too private for logview@ to be able to read. We've handled this by making /var/log/httpd/ readable only by root, but by fixing suexec.log's permissions we eliminate the possibility of it being readable by some sort of subtle trick, and also open the way to making /var/log/httpd/ more broadly readable.
4:01 AM Changeset [2378] by andersk
Update rubygems to 1.8.25-1.scripts
3:56 AM Changeset [2377] by achernya
Update to httpd 2.2.23
3:29 AM Changeset [2376] by andersk
Use DKMS for OpenAFS

Feb 25, 2013:

12:43 AM WikiStart edited by adehnert
clarify (diff)
12:41 AM SQL created by adehnert
Add bug search
12:39 AM WikiStart edited by adehnert
add sql bugtracker (diff)

Feb 22, 2013:

12:24 AM Ticket #348 (WebSockets) created by andersk
There’s currently no way to use WebSockets? on scripts besides running …

Feb 21, 2013:

11:59 PM Changeset [2375] by andersk
Tighten scripts vhost mail security Broken MTAs such as MIT’s will rewrite anyone@awesome-cname.mit.edu to anyone@scripts-vhosts.mit.edu, in violation of RFC 2821. (This can be fixed with the Sendmail nocanonify feature or DontExpandCnames option, which, bewilderingly, are still not the default.) To prevent such mail from being misdirected, remove scripts-vhosts from $mydestination and let it bounce. Correct r1452 to match literal periods in scripts.mit.edu. Reserve the well-known (RFC 2142) email addresses {abuse,hostmaster,noc,postmaster,security}@every-domain for our own purposes; /etc/aliases maps these to root. Tested on scripts-f17-dev.
4:51 PM Changeset [2374] by achernya
Certificate renewal for dchang; new certificate for cons

Feb 20, 2013:

4:39 PM Changeset [2373] by achernya
Certificate renewal for gsc
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