Jan 10, 2013:

1:59 PM Ticket #333 (Pony should check that paths for hostname requests exist) created by achernya
Our current policy is to require a path exists before an MIT hostname …

Jan 7, 2013:

11:54 PM Changeset [2355] by achernya
Certificate renewal for cs6090 and isawyou
11:53 PM Changeset [2354] by achernya
Update postfix for version 2.9.5

Jan 3, 2013:

10:02 PM Ticket #332 (scripts-vhost IP mysteriously serves scripts.mit.edu cert with a ...) created by andersk
`openssl s_client -connect scripts-vhosts.mit.edu:443 -servername …
12:02 AM Changeset [2353] by achernya
Also add www.davidben.net

Jan 2, 2013:

11:45 PM Changeset [2352] by achernya
Clean up other similarly affected certificate chains
11:26 PM Changeset [2351] by achernya
Remove InCommon Root CA from certificate chain MIT recently switched to the InCommon CA, rather than the MIT CA, which resulted in Scripts serving intermediate certificates. Unfortunately, the instructions from InCommon had the certificates in the incorrect order, and also included the Root CA. The Root CA is unnecessary for a server to be sending, so removing it reduces the SSL handshake size, as well as correcting the certificate order.
11:09 PM Changeset [2350] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for davidben.net

Jan 1, 2013:

8:27 PM Changeset [2349] by adehnert
Minor corrections to networking/svn docs * lo:3 is consistent * refer to "realserver" rather than "host"
8:19 PM Changeset [2348] by adehnert
Add section on the interaction of network and svn We've talked about why the hostname for the svn repo is complicated repeatedly in the last few weeks, so document what makes it problematic and how to deal with it.
7:52 PM Ticket #331 (Fix mmr-hammer) created by adehnert
mmr-hammer is apparently wrong, and should possibly be fixed or …

Dec 31, 2012:

1:57 AM Changeset [2347] by achernya
Certificate renewal for eastgate, picker, pickr

Dec 26, 2012:

6:23 PM Changeset [2346] by achernya
Blacklist mount.nfs and netreport setuid binaries
6:04 PM Changeset [2345] by achernya
Certificate renewal for impact; new certificate for crush

Dec 23, 2012:

1:24 AM Changeset [2344] by andersk
Disable mirrors for fedora.repo better.
1:17 AM Changeset [2343] by andersk
Disable mirrors for fedora.repo
1:16 AM Changeset [2342] by andersk
Import pristine upstream /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo

Dec 22, 2012:

10:35 PM Changeset [2341] by andersk
Add SSLCertificateChainFile to debathena.conf

Dec 16, 2012:

10:31 PM Changeset [2340] by quentin
Update host install instructions.

Dec 13, 2012:

12:08 AM Changeset [2339] by andersk
Rediff openssh.spec.patch

Dec 12, 2012:

11:32 PM Ticket #330 (Port scripts to httpd 2.4) created by andersk
Fedora 18 and later has httpd 2.4. Things we need to port (or check …
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