Mar 2, 2012:

1:38 AM Changeset [2146] by andersk
Synchronously delete records from ldap delete() might not actually delete a record, delete_s() will, so switch to that.
12:50 AM Changeset [2145] by andersk
Kill signup-scripts-frontend We don’t need this setuid binary because we’re already running as the right user, and also WTF was it doing with snprintf.
12:47 AM Changeset [2144] by andersk
Fix openssh.spec.patch again

Feb 27, 2012:

1:52 PM Changeset [2143] by achernya
Update openafs to build against kernel 3.2

Feb 25, 2012:

1:05 PM Changeset [2142] by ezyang
Version bump on krb5.
1:05 PM Changeset [2141] by ezyang
Version bump on rubygems.

Feb 23, 2012:

11:39 PM Changeset [2140] by achernya
Utility to delete a specified user, their group, and all of their vhosts and apache configuration
11:14 AM Ticket #279 (Renumber local users on Scripts servers) created by achernya
As of Fedora 16, user accounts start at UID/GID 1000 instead of 500. …
10:51 AM Ticket #278 (Consider using sssd) created by achernya
Fedora 16 made sssd the default. To avoid diverging from upstream, we …

Feb 22, 2012:

8:27 PM Changeset [2139] by geofft
Certificate and configuration for ldpreload.com
11:21 AM Changeset [2138] by achernya
Certificate renewal for gsc

Feb 20, 2012:

2:29 PM Changeset [2137] by achernya
Switch from download3.fedora.redhat.com to dl.fedoraproject.org

Feb 16, 2012:

1:39 PM Ticket #156 (n-f should run our zephyr logger) closed by achernya
invalid: We no longer have a not-forward.

Feb 13, 2012:

7:56 PM Changeset [2136] by ezyang
Don't load non-existent environment.cron
6:53 PM Changeset [2135] by ezyang
Don't ever remove installonly packages.
3:55 PM Changeset [2134] by achernya
Patch httpd against some security vulnerabilities.

Feb 11, 2012:

6:58 PM Changeset [2133] by achernya
Remove environment.cron environment.cron set an SELinux context, which is not needed since Scripts does not run SELinux.
5:00 PM Changeset [2132] by achernya
Add route for primary-key

Feb 10, 2012:

3:49 PM Changeset [2131] by mitchb
New CellServDB from Ops Bye-bye dev cell, and all other updates from GCO through Augustish.

Feb 2, 2012:

12:40 PM Changeset [2130] by achernya
Certificate renewal schuh
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