Aug 21, 2010:

4:03 AM Changeset [1601] by geofft
admof: Re-resolve the potential sysadmin's name within SYSADMIN_CELL While it's true that foreign cells will generally resolve the username to e.g. geofft.root@athena.mit.edu, which the athena cell ptservers are okay with, it's more correct to just use the name as resolved in the athena cell.
3:36 AM Changeset [1600] by geofft
admof: More mutable input fun.
3:21 AM Changeset [1599] by geofft
admof: Actually AFS likes to edit its input strings. So drop the const qualifiers (the data is actually mutable, so this was fine, but the cast was misleading). Also fix a terminating null issue with the previous commit.
3:09 AM Changeset [1598] by geofft
admof: Always check system:scripts-root -c athena, not in the locker's cell Also rename us from OVERLORDS to SYSADMINS
3:00 AM Changeset [1597] by geofft
admof: Be a bit more paranoid about memory
2:49 AM Changeset [1596] by geofft
admof: pts groups are identified by negative IDs, not colons

Aug 18, 2010:

10:13 AM Changeset [1595] by geofft
Unreify queues and lpq vhosts The site's been dead for ages -- at least since the last time we renewed certs. Unrelatedly, the vhost config that I deleted looks a bit odd, and probably wasn't doing SNI right.

Aug 17, 2010:

7:56 PM Changeset [1594] by geofft
tokensys: aklog csail

Aug 14, 2010:

2:47 PM Changeset [1593] by geofft
Cert renewals (axo, crew, familynet, mitsoc, next, random-hall, wakeup, westgate)
12:25 AM Changeset [1592] by andersk
static-cat: Ignore unparsable byte ranges.

Aug 12, 2010:

2:14 AM Ticket #164 (Zend Guard support) created by ezyang
Zend Optimizer is an …

Aug 11, 2010:

11:50 PM Ticket #163 (401 page should link users to renew their certificates at ...) reopened by geofft
Replying to andersk: > People with expired certificates …
1:34 AM Ticket #163 (401 page should link users to renew their certificates at ...) closed by andersk
invalid: People with expired certificates get an SSL error message from their …
12:35 AM Ticket #163 (401 page should link users to renew their certificates at ...) created by afarrell
Users coming to sites hosted on scripts.mit.edu that require …

Aug 1, 2010:

6:42 PM Changeset [1591] by adehnert
Updated certificate for metu.mit.edu

Jul 28, 2010:

4:17 PM Ticket #162 (Upgrade scripts servers to Fedora 13) created by andersk
Fedora 11 reached …

Jul 25, 2010:

5:10 AM Ticket #104 (Improve for-each-server script) closed by adehnert
invalid: ETIMEOUT "Improve for-each-server" isn't really an actionable ticket, …
4:47 AM Ticket #87 (On an autoinstalled trac using git, going to Browse Source can time ...) closed by adehnert
worksforme: ETIMEOUT
4:42 AM Ticket #161 (Wizard should allow displaying messages to user) created by adehnert
AIUI, there's currently no good way for a Wizard-based autoinstaller …
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