Dec 6, 2009:

11:13 PM Changeset [1372] by ezyang
Print lockfile name.
11:11 PM Changeset [1371] by ezyang
Fix some tab/space problems, add missing parameter to unlock_and_die.
11:08 PM Changeset [1370] by dwilson
trac #70 - parallel-find enhancement
8:26 PM Changeset [1369] by mitchb
Clarifications about RT zephyrbot and To/Cc fields
8:23 PM Changeset [1368] by quentin
Keep old LVS mappings around with a weight of 0 so existing connections don't die when rebalancing
4:36 PM Changeset [1367] by ezyang
Add comment about lock/unlock conventions.
4:34 PM Changeset [1366] by ezyang
Add more complete information about using the zephyrbot.

Dec 2, 2009:

1:18 AM Changeset [1365] by quentin
Document ipvsadm configuration

Dec 1, 2009:

4:34 PM Changeset [1364] by adehnert
Added the stella command lines to cnames.txt
4:09 PM Changeset [1363] by adehnert
Clarifications and updates to cnames.txt

Nov 23, 2009:

5:07 AM Ticket #108 (rack-backward and rack-forward aren’t even the right part of speech.) created by andersk
“My fellow Americans. As a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball, …
3:31 AM Ticket #107 (Trac: Wizard autoupgrade to unhardcode scripts3 and scripts4) closed by andersk
fixed: […]
3:13 AM Changeset [1362] by andersk
Undo the REDIRECT_STATUS kludge. httpd.conf has always contained ‘SetEnv REDIRECT_STATUS CGI’, to fool a misguided PHP security check (cgi.force_redirect) such that it never triggers. But this check is configurable in php.ini. Let’s just turn it off instead. This fixes legitimate uses of REDIRECT_STATUS, such as in an ErrorDocument handler.

Nov 20, 2009:

9:16 PM Changeset [1361] by ezyang
Use Wizard for Wordpress installs.
3:00 AM Changeset [1360] by mitchb
Stop scriptsifying php; our patch for the-bug is r281116 in 5.2.11 upstream

Nov 13, 2009:

7:39 PM Changeset [1359] by quentin
Add christmas-tree to Munin ACL on directors

Nov 10, 2009:

1:23 AM Ticket #105 (binfmt_misc overrides shebang now) closed by andersk
fixed: Fixed in r1357.
12:45 AM Changeset [1358] by andersk
execsys: Unbreak stuff broken by r1337.
12:35 AM Changeset [1357] by andersk
execsys: Disable binfmt_misc extensions. For Mono, use a magic number instead. For PHP web scripts, we already run php-cgi from suexec. For PHP cron and mail scripts, Perl, and Python, require a real shebang line.

Nov 9, 2009:

11:14 PM Changeset [1356] by andersk
suexec: Fix error logging if execv failed. Patch from httpd trunk r821321.
11:14 PM Changeset [1355] by andersk
suexec: Exec static-cat or php-cgi after closing the suexec log.
11:14 PM Changeset [1354] by andersk
suexec: Log the correct path to PHP if execv failed. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <andersk@mit.edu>
3:35 AM Changeset [1353] by mitchb
Complete overhaul of package building/patching documentation

Nov 8, 2009:

6:09 PM Changeset [1352] by geofft
SSL certificate renewals
3:59 PM Changeset [1351] by geofft
Punt textbooks.mit.edu's config because it is no longer on scripts
3:40 PM Changeset [1350] by geofft
Use a more accurate OU in certificates
12:16 PM Changeset [1349] by geofft
Fix documentation
11:31 AM Ticket #72 (https prompts for certificates way too often) closed by mitchb
fixed: Lo and behold, it fixes the problem! A new version of the patch in …
11:02 AM Changeset [1348] by mitchb
Prompt for certs once, not five bajillion times (fix SSL session caching) Clients that support both the SNI extension and the TLS Session Tickets extension have problems that, among other things, result in many of our cert-protected sites requesting the user's certs an inordinate number of times. This will supposedly be fixed in later versions of openssl, but in the meantime, this applies the patch proposed here: http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/httpd-dev/200911.mbox/ajax/%3c4AF58A80.5080101@velox.ch%3e with the following modifications: o Remove the documentation chunk of the patch (it applies to the source XML file which isn't part of the distribution tarball) o Expand the macro SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_ticket_keys in two places to work around the typo in our version of openssl corrected by this upstream commit: http://marc.info/?l=openssl-cvs&m=124638969912935&w=2
5:23 AM Changeset [1347] by geofft
admof: Add a -noauth flag.
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