Oct 14, 2009:

10:40 AM Changeset [1339] by mitchb
Revert r1328 - accept Rails-related updates from Fedora again

Oct 13, 2009:

1:19 AM Changeset [1338] by geofft
execsys: Have binfmt_misc detect executable PHP scripts via magic, not extension. For PHP scripts run over the web, suexec runs php explicitly (and regardless of the .php file's executable bit), so this change isn't relevant. A recent kernel change reordered the binfmt_script and binfmt_misc priority; this allows executable PHP scripts that begin with <?php to continue being run via binfmt_misc, but those that begin with #! to use the interpreter they specify. PHP scripts that don't begin with <?php are assumed to be web pages, not scripts you'd explicitly exec. This is a slightly smaller hammer than removing the binfmt_misc line for PHP entirely, but really, you should be using a #! line if you intend to be able to exec your PHP script.
1:11 AM Changeset [1337] by geofft
execsys: Stop automatically generating the binfmt_misc configuration. While we're there, kill an autoconf macro that was never used.

Oct 8, 2009:

1:38 AM Changeset [1336] by mitchb
Make for-each-server work on Suns Look, I know nobody else *thinks* people use them, but they are the dialups.

Oct 5, 2009:

2:33 PM Changeset [1335] by geofft
CSR and configuration for signup.mit.edu [help.mit.edu #1024298]

Oct 4, 2009:

2:47 AM Changeset [1334] by mitchb
Change the Scripts build system to build under mock!
2:44 AM Changeset [1333] by mitchb
Prevent users from trying to run mock via password auth
2:43 AM Changeset [1332] by mitchb
Put pristine upstream mock PAM config under revision control

Oct 3, 2009:

1:46 PM Changeset [1331] by mitchb
Revert r1330. Try not to kill *all* of our notifications next time.

Oct 2, 2009:

11:19 PM Changeset [1330] by geofft
syslog: Ignore "Failed keyboard-interactive..." We don't permit password logins anyway.

Oct 1, 2009:

7:44 AM Changeset [1329] by mitchb
Scriptsify activesupport and actionpack ruby gems, patch for CVE-2009-3009
6:40 AM Changeset [1328] by mitchb
Stop accepting Rails-related updates from Fedora

Sep 24, 2009:

9:50 PM Changeset [1327] by mitchb
Corrections to build and install dependencies for accountadm

Sep 19, 2009:

5:36 PM Changeset [1326] by quentin
Goddamn hardcoded vhosts

Sep 16, 2009:

12:35 PM Ticket #107 (Trac: Wizard autoupgrade to unhardcode scripts3 and scripts4) created by andersk
From /mit/scripts/deploy/trac/trac.fcgi (which BTW should be in svn): …

Sep 14, 2009:

3:17 PM Changeset [1325] by mitchb
Certificate and SSL config for ai6034.mit.edu
2:19 PM Changeset [1324] by mitchb
Fix the django autoinstaller? Who, me? When they upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1, django-admin.py became django-admin
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