Sep 16, 2009:

12:35 PM Ticket #107 (Trac: Wizard autoupgrade to unhardcode scripts3 and scripts4) created by andersk
From /mit/scripts/deploy/trac/trac.fcgi (which BTW should be in svn): …

Sep 14, 2009:

3:17 PM Changeset [1325] by mitchb
Certificate and SSL config for ai6034.mit.edu
2:19 PM Changeset [1324] by mitchb
Fix the django autoinstaller? Who, me? When they upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1, django-admin.py became django-admin

Sep 13, 2009:

6:47 AM Changeset [1323] by mitchb
Fix global scoping problem from r1317 and r1319 One of these days we'll accidentally get it right

Sep 12, 2009:

2:38 PM Changeset [1322] by geofft
Don't disable freshclam
8:12 AM Changeset [1321] by quentin
Add freshclam configuration

Sep 11, 2009:

12:55 PM Ticket #106 (*.scripts.mit.edu certificate doesn't handle lockers with dots in ...) created by geofft
See, for instance, https://6.034.scripts.mit.edu:444/ or …
12:09 PM Changeset [1320] by mitchb
The whois daemon needs a credential file installed, too

Sep 10, 2009:

3:52 PM Ticket #105 (binfmt_misc overrides shebang now) created by andersk
[…] Also, we should be recognizing Mono applications by magic …

Sep 9, 2009:

8:55 AM Changeset [1319] by mitchb
Fix vhost log rolling config from r1317
8:34 AM Changeset [1318] by mitchb
Don't exempt sql webservers from Nagios alerts during the AFS restart

Sep 8, 2009:

12:55 AM Changeset [1317] by quentin
Temporarily keep 14 days of vhost logs
12:54 AM Changeset [1316] by quentin
Handle ~urls as well when gathering statistics
12:07 AM Changeset [1315] by quentin
Flush log after each entry, to avoid a big 4k buffer
12:04 AM Changeset [1314] by ezyang
Collect logs about virtual host hits from MITnet at /var/log/httpd/statistics

Sep 4, 2009:

2:42 PM Changeset [1313] by geofft
Make the [mysql] to [client] change everywhere that writes .my.cnf
2:08 PM Changeset [1312] by geofft
Use [client] header instead of [mysql] in .my.cnf This unbreaks mysqldump, and makes various other MySQL clients happy, without breaking mysql

Sep 2, 2009:

12:33 AM Changeset [1311] by mitchb
SSL config for bookspicker.mit.edu. The cert doesn't do much without it.

Sep 1, 2009:

3:08 PM Changeset [1310] by geofft
SSL certificate for bookspicker.mit.edu

Aug 28, 2009:

12:41 PM Changeset [1309] by presbrey
12:39 PM Changeset [1308] by presbrey
add nagios check sql.mit.edu SSL certificate

Aug 26, 2009:

1:49 AM Changeset [1307] by geofft
certificate renewals

Aug 25, 2009:

8:18 AM Changeset [1306] by mitchb
Upgrade Apache to 2.2.13; don't patch in SNI support anymore And we thought the day would never come!

Aug 21, 2009:

3:43 PM Changeset [1305] by geofft
Don't zephyr -c scripts-spew about sudo from root. Because we usually use su anyway, and that doesn't zephyr, and because you can always sudo -i, this isn't particularly useful. It's also extremely noisy (sufficiently noisy as to make you want to ignore the rest of -c scripts-spew) when Wizard runs.

Aug 17, 2009:

10:18 PM Changeset [1304] by quentin
Use Python 2.5-compatible kill
10:00 PM Changeset [1303] by quentin
Kill all svn child processes when exiting
8:43 PM Changeset [1302] by quentin
basename != dirname
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