Apr 23, 2009:

11:57 PM Changeset [1096] by quentin
Fix alignment a bit
11:10 PM Changeset [1095] by quentin
Documentation when given an unrecognized user
11:09 PM Changeset [1094] by quentin
Allow fingering of xvm information, too
10:30 PM Changeset [1093] by quentin
finger status@sipb-noc DTRTs
10:01 PM Changeset [1092] by geofft
okay, maybe ajp was a bad idea
12:59 PM Changeset [1091] by mitchb
Upgrade from php 5.2.8-1 to 5.2.9-2. I'm sure this will solve all our stability problems. Or something.
10:41 AM Changeset [1090] by quentin
Move XVM DHCP check command into XVM configuration file

Apr 22, 2009:

5:03 PM Changeset [1089] by presbrey
httpd: add mod_proxy module and friends

Apr 20, 2009:

8:01 PM Changeset [1088] by mitchb
bc.mit.edu certificate and reified vhost
6:03 PM Changeset [1087] by geofft
multiplexer over scripts-start/signup-* for "add scripts; scripts" Plus copy the attach -q thing from signup-web to -mail and -cron

Apr 19, 2009:

5:49 PM Changeset [1086] by quentin
Test your changes! Port 444 was serving axo.mit.edu all day!
2:51 AM Changeset [1085] by mitchb
scripts.mit.edu CSR defaults
2:45 AM Changeset [1084] by mitchb
Add openssl.cnf file, so we can track our standard CSR fields

Apr 18, 2009:

7:45 PM Changeset [1083] by mitchb
New fix-php-ini script to make symlinks to php.ini from child directories. We may not be able to shoot their foot for them, but we can hand them a gun.

Apr 17, 2009:

9:20 PM Changeset [1082] by geofft
Allow reified vhosts to override *.scripts
7:45 PM Changeset [1081] by geofft
reify cycling-club.scripts.mit.edu to pick up the cert
7:36 PM Changeset [1080] by geofft
cycling-club.scripts 30 day cert from Comodo

Apr 14, 2009:

5:21 AM Changeset [1079] by mitchb
Use only our local CellServDB, not the one in the distribution so that we can track the one used by Athena without further package rebuilds.
4:22 AM Changeset [1078] by mitchb
Add a CellServDB.local so we can pull in changes without rebuilding.

Apr 12, 2009:

4:36 AM Changeset [1077] by quentin
Check command for xvm's DHCP servers
4:02 AM Changeset [1076] by quentin
Monitoring of DNS servers
3:54 AM Changeset [1075] by quentin
Add monitoring of stuff
3:53 AM Changeset [1074] by quentin
Make CPU depend on NRPE for scripts hosts

Apr 11, 2009:

3:02 PM Changeset [1073] by quentin
Don't let people lock all our memory (use the Ubuntu default of 64KB instead of 256MB)
3:39 AM Changeset [1072] by quentin
Don't apply resource limits to root's processes, and clean up formatting of limits.conf
2:55 AM Changeset [1071] by quentin
Set sane memory resource limits

Apr 9, 2009:

6:37 PM Ticket #89 (@reboot cron jobs sometimes start before afsagent gets tokens) created by geofft
Users' @reboot cron jobs, which often depend on being able to get …

Apr 8, 2009:

9:23 AM Changeset [1070] by mitchb
Build system fixes to upgrade to OpenAFS 1.4.10 Pulls in fixes for CVE-2009-1250 and CVE-2009-1251, among other enhancements and bugfixes.
7:11 AM Changeset [1069] by mitchb
Updates to the build system for krb5 Allow us to build with patches for CVE-2009-0844 through CVE-2009-0847

Apr 7, 2009:

5:29 PM Changeset [1068] by quentin
Disallow root keyboard-interactive logins
10:41 AM Changeset [1067] by quentin
tibetforum.mit.edu vhost + cert

Apr 5, 2009:

9:35 PM Changeset [1066] by quentin
Use soft states when determining dependencies, so we don't get notices for dependent services when the parent service hasn't yet hard failed
9:34 PM Changeset [1065] by quentin
Update Nagios links to mrtg
6:27 AM Changeset [1064] by mitchb
Change to new OpenSUSE nss-ldapd version so we can download and build other packages again. Because, you know, when we can't download a package completely unrelated to what we're doing, our build system breaks. We're awesome like that.

Apr 4, 2009:

1:40 AM Changeset [1063] by quentin
First parts of installer script
1:38 AM Changeset [1062] by quentin
if NRPE is down, don't bother notifying about NRPE-related services
1:14 AM Changeset [1061] by quentin
Forgot a couple config files
12:59 AM Changeset [1060] by quentin
Update Nagios configuration for Nagios 3
12:54 AM Changeset [1059] by geofft
We don't need mDNS

Apr 3, 2009:

11:53 PM Changeset [1058] by quentin
Make the install process be a shell script
11:47 PM Changeset [1057] by quentin
Don't enable useless services
11:05 PM Changeset [1056] by geofft
What to do at the initial Fedora config screen
5:39 AM Changeset [1055] by quentin
Monitor NRPE status
5:36 AM Changeset [1054] by quentin
Bump load thresholds to 50
5:21 AM Changeset [1053] by quentin
Document how to apply patches before generating an update
1:34 AM Changeset [1052] by quentin
Use gtar so Sun can play too
1:05 AM Changeset [1051] by quentin
Don't duplicate the lockername
12:51 AM Changeset [1050] by quentin
update-system fixes: catch errors, and get the lockername from the input

Apr 2, 2009:

9:55 PM Changeset [1049] by mitchb
Make get-password deal with carriage returns, because the mysql client puts up with this nonsense for Windows users.
7:55 PM Changeset [1048] by geofft
oops, forgot an &&
7:52 PM Changeset [1047] by geofft
openafs-scripts.patch: efficiency hack afs_GetAccessBits is a function call that can potentially do an RPC. Although I doubt it does so in this context, we might as well short circuit it, because the check for whether you're root or Apache is easy, and that case is rare.
2:53 PM Changeset [1046] by mitchb
Dammit, Geoff, test things. Fix django autoinstaller again.
2:23 PM Changeset [1045] by geofft
onathena: Uncommitted changes that enable *.scripts and ~/Scripts Apparently we've been running this for a while. Some of the ~/Scripts code (at least) is xavid's.
2:20 PM Changeset [1044] by geofft
django installer: Add pointers to docs.djangoproject.com
12:53 AM Changeset [1043] by geofft
contrib.scripts moved

Apr 1, 2009:

11:50 AM Changeset [1042] by mitchb
More fixes and improvements to the django autoinstaller o Set ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX so that the admin app's CSS works o Enable the admin app and docs o Initialize the database properly o Create a superuser account
11:31 AM Changeset [1041] by mitchb
Avoid a harmless yet ominous error message when using hack autoinstallers that have an empty tarball.
10:43 AM Changeset [1040] by mitchb
Use the django media directory from the RPM, not the egg. Silly me... thinking we had the same software installed on all the servers.

Mar 31, 2009:

9:28 PM Changeset [1039] by mitchb
Provide autoinstalled Djangos with /__scripts/django/media for admin CSS
7:30 PM Changeset [1038] by mitchb
Fix more of django autoinstaller. Actually fill in settings.py, instead of just pretending.
5:31 AM Changeset [1037] by mitchb
Make get-password more accomodating in my.cnf formats it understands. Allow the login info to appear in either the [mysql] or [client] section, and allow spaces around the equal signs.
3:53 AM Changeset [1036] by mitchb
Fix django autoinstaller. Pass the URL components to the fcgi.

Mar 28, 2009:

4:19 PM Changeset [1035] by mitchb
Fix "the-bug" (non-empty content in 304s) in PHP (patch by ezyang) and Apache PHP should not produce any output, even if zlib.output_compression is on, if the HTTP response code is 204 or 304 (no content or not modified). Fixes PHP bug #42362 with php.cvs #56693, see: http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=42362 http://news.php.net/php.cvs/56693 http://cvs.php.net/viewvc.cgi/php-src/ext/zlib/zlib.c?r1= Apache should discard any body provided by a script (in any language, not just PHP) when the status is "no content" or "not modified". Addresses part of Apache bug #40953, see: https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=40953#c7 Solves scripts.mit.edu support issue #773060, see: https://help.mit.edu/Ticket/UpdateCallCenter.html?id=773060 https://diswww.mit.edu/charon/scripts/24018
1:57 PM Changeset [1034] by mitchb
Fedora 9 changed from Apache 2.2.9 to 2.2.10 while we weren't looking
1:29 PM Changeset [1033] by mitchb
Revert r959; we're not using Fedora 10.

Mar 27, 2009:

1:13 AM Changeset [1032] by mitchb
Change CPU time limit for Apache-spawned processes from 3min to 5min. Perhaps this time, it'll be sufficient for Gallery2's upgrader to compute the answer to life, the Universe, and everything (to a first approximation).

Mar 26, 2009:

9:04 PM Changeset [1031] by mitchb
Binaries, man. Don't diff them. No, really. Ouch.
2:56 AM Changeset [1030] by mitchb
Fix propose-update to a) work at all again, and b) work on all platforms
2:30 AM Changeset [1029] by mitchb
Correct capitalization of the scriptsdev variable name

Mar 25, 2009:

9:58 PM Changeset [1028] by quentin
Autoinstaller documentation
9:42 PM Changeset [1027] by quentin
Don't check in restricted docs by accident
9:38 PM Changeset [1026] by quentin
Import doc directory from locker
4:57 PM Changeset [1025] by quentin
xargs doesn't have -I everywhere
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