Mar 23, 2009:

11:31 AM Changeset [1024] by mitchb
Clean up pysvn kludge for svn 1.5 on scripts. Patch the package version number the same way we do for the other packages we build, set up the build system to know how to build it from the upstream source, and make the base metapackage depend on our build of it.
3:33 AM Changeset [1023] by quentin
Update LVS install docs
3:29 AM Changeset [1022] by quentin
Start using sorry server
3:17 AM Changeset [1021] by quentin
Lighttpd-based sorry server
12:25 AM Changeset [1020] by geofft
/etc/sysconfig/openafs: for great awesome

Mar 20, 2009:

2:38 PM Changeset [1019] by mitchb
Increase CPU time limit for processes spawned by Apache. This should allow applications like the Gallery2 updater to run without corrupting installations by being killed while manipulating data.
6:42 AM Changeset [1018] by quentin
Allow hostbased authentication over the backend network (Yay!)
6:19 AM Changeset [1017] by quentin
Route to b-k over the backend network

Mar 19, 2009:

11:19 PM Changeset [1016] by quentin
Allow FastCGIs to take up to 5 minutes to respond

Mar 15, 2009:

5:24 AM Changeset [1015] by mitchb
Fix generation of the fallback htaccess file for trac. Using single quotes results in the literal characters \n and no end-of-line, and thus a malformed htaccess file.

Mar 14, 2009:

6:01 PM Changeset [1014] by geofft
trac: Enable the git plugin if you're using git.

Mar 10, 2009:

2:36 AM Changeset [1013] by mitchb
Autoinstaller support for turbogears, from xavid
2:30 AM Changeset [1012] by mitchb
Uncommitted changes from geofft and andersk. Allow Django autoinstalls, and test new MediaWiki and WordPress installs.
2:23 AM Changeset [1011] by mitchb
It's wrong to assume that the address lockername@mit.edu is valid. Further, for activity lockers, if it is valid, it may well be a large or poorly-maintained list with addresses that will bounce and cause a mail loop (since the bounces will go back to lockername@scripts.mit.edu). Instead, set up the default procmailrc to direct mail for lockername@scripts.mit.edu to the user who signed the locker up for mail_scripts, and notify them that this is the default so they know to adjust it.

Mar 9, 2009:

8:08 PM Changeset [1010] by quentin
ACPI event handler so you can't shut down with the power button

Mar 6, 2009:

8:20 PM Changeset [1009] by quentin
Don't check CD drive on LVS servers for a temperature
3:47 PM Changeset [1008] by quentin
Incorporate scripts-vhost data from r-b in Aggregated graph
3:26 PM Changeset [1007] by quentin
Import old Munin conf changes
2:23 AM Changeset [1006] by quentin
Reboot on OOM

Mar 5, 2009:

11:22 PM Changeset [1005] by quentin
Load balance SMTP
8:55 PM Changeset [1004] by quentin
Use lenny's heartbeat
8:55 PM Changeset [1003] by quentin
Upgrade to lenny's sysctl.conf
8:53 PM Changeset [1002] by quentin
Upgrade to Lenny's nrpe

Mar 4, 2009:

7:43 AM Changeset [1001] by mitchb
We need subversion-devel from testing as well, so that we can build a working pysvn package.

Mar 3, 2009:

7:23 PM Changeset [1000] by andersk
Change the core file limit from hard to soft.
2:29 AM Changeset [999] by geofft
Install Subversion (1.5) from the updates-testing-newkey repo.
12:59 AM Changeset [998] by geofft
cert and vhost for schuh.mit.edu

Mar 2, 2009:

2:10 PM Ticket #88 (Better subversion error messages) created by andersk
(From [https://help.mit.edu/Ticket/Display.html?id=821565 help.mit.edu …
2:01 PM Changeset [997] by andersk
Automatic numbering in scripts-start.
12:50 PM Ticket #87 (On an autoinstalled trac using git, going to Browse Source can time ...) created by xavid
This even happens with small git repos with little history. The fact …
2:01 AM Changeset [996] by mitchb
i386_linux3 isn't actually twice as good just because we listed it twice. Let's stop doing that.

Mar 1, 2009:

10:08 PM Changeset [995] by geofft
Django auto-installer.
7:05 PM Changeset [994] by geofft
i386_deb40 is better than i386_linux1

Feb 27, 2009:

2:41 PM Ticket #86 (Running multiple autoinstalled instances of Trac causes them all to ...) created by xavid
This is because the trac.fcgis are all symlinks to the same …
1:49 AM Ticket #85 (Trac autoinstaller should configure trac.ini properly when using git) created by xavid
Specifically, it should add the line: […] to the […] section.

Feb 22, 2009:

12:37 PM Changeset [993] by quentin
Don't warn about CRON being broken during an AFS outage
7:49 AM Changeset [992] by mitchb
Don't let cron send mail if it can't touch the cron status file. Nagios is already monitoring this for us.
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