Feb 18, 2009:

11:34 PM Changeset [984] by quentin
Allow local part to contain @
11:10 PM Changeset [983] by quentin
Support mail to foo@bar.scripts.mit.edu
11:09 PM Ticket #74 (foo@user.scripts.mit.edu should equal user+foo@scripts.mit.edu) reopened by andersk
As far as I can tell, the draft implementation ignores all the …
10:10 PM Ticket #74 (foo@user.scripts.mit.edu should equal user+foo@scripts.mit.edu) closed by quentin
fixed: We now support mail to foo@…; it internally …
9:12 PM Ticket #55 (certificates on *.scripts.mit.edu as a separate IP address) closed by quentin
fixed: We finished this change on Feb 9. scripts.mit.edu now has a new IP …
9:03 PM Ticket #51 (old-faithful loses backend connection sql on reboot) closed by quentin
fixed: This no longer seems to happen with Fedora 9.
10:06 AM Changeset [982] by quentin
Check that cron can actually run things as users

Feb 16, 2009:

11:00 PM Changeset [981] by andersk
Script for finding deactivated users and other inconsistencies.

Feb 15, 2009:

5:45 PM Changeset [980] by andersk
Solaris sh doesn't support -e.

Feb 13, 2009:

11:51 PM Changeset [979] by geofft
er, Fedora has a nontrivial vimrc
11:48 PM Changeset [978] by geofft
undo miscommit
11:45 PM Changeset [977] by geofft
Suppress writing .viminfo file
6:15 PM Changeset [976] by andersk
Create a web_scripts/.htaccess.mit to reduce user confusion.

Feb 12, 2009:

10:37 PM Changeset [975] by geofft
eastgate.mit.edu SSL cert and conf [help.mit.edu #792732]
10:20 PM Ticket #84 (Automatically notice when installed software is out of sync on the servers) created by mitchb
As reported by xavid in RT#805191 We might want to come up with a …

Feb 11, 2009:

5:11 AM Changeset [974] by andersk
Change sipb.mit.edu DocumentRoot to web_scripts/sipb.
4:42 AM Changeset [973] by geofft
Change default cert to *.scripts except for
4:39 AM Changeset [972] by geofft
Uncommitted changes to httpd.conf. These seem to involve performance and mod_status.
4:13 AM Changeset [971] by andersk
Get rid of the custom sipb.mit.edu aliases.

Feb 9, 2009:

2:45 PM Changeset [970] by andersk
Change the IP for scripts.mit.edu and add scripts-vhosts.mit.edu.

Feb 6, 2009:

11:17 PM WikiStart edited by quentin
add link to wiki (diff)

Feb 5, 2009:

9:37 PM Changeset [969] by andersk
Add scripts-vhosts.
9:35 PM Changeset [968] by andersk
Add and scripts-vhosts.mit.edu.
5:23 PM Changeset [967] by geofft
5:03 PM Changeset [966] by geofft
Add new scripts.mit.edu IP address

Feb 2, 2009:

11:13 PM Changeset [965] by quentin
Configure ldirectord and iptables for scripts-new
11:06 PM Changeset [964] by quentin
Allow management of heartbeat (start the mgmtd)

Jan 29, 2009:

4:33 AM Changeset [963] by quentin
Add vhost entry for picker.mit.edu so it picks up its cert
4:25 AM Changeset [962] by geofft
SSL cert for picker.mit.edu

Jan 28, 2009:

6:20 PM Ticket #78 (git push to git:// hangs) closed by andersk
fixed: Fixed in r903: […] which is the same behavior as git.kernel.org, …
12:50 PM Changeset [961] by quentin
Add scripts LDAP schema to the repo
2:20 AM Ticket #83 (scripts should provide access to python 2.6) created by quentin
scripts should provide a python 2.6 that users can choose. Fedora …
12:42 AM Changeset [960] by quentin
Update hostgroup names so they stay within the scripts- namespace, so we can support multiple services on syn
12:36 AM Changeset [959] by geofft
Update httpd.spec.patch for Fedora 10
12:35 AM Changeset [958] by quentin
Change zephyr host notifications to include the notification type

Jan 27, 2009:

10:42 PM Changeset [957] by quentin
Add scripts-python-path package
9:58 PM Changeset [956] by quentin
Make filenames consistent in the krb5.spec patch
9:31 PM Changeset [955] by geofft
Update krb5 patch for Fedora 10
10:03 AM Changeset [954] by quentin
Make sure I never get woken up for that again
3:13 AM Changeset [953] by andersk
Revert r952.
2:09 AM Changeset [952] by quentin
Serve sipb.mit.edu wiki content directly via Apache

Jan 23, 2009:

3:06 PM Ticket #82 (path varies between interactive and web server contexts) created by mitchb
(as reported by geofft in RT #760351 --mitchb) /usr/kerberos/bin is …

Jan 20, 2009:

5:10 PM Changeset [951] by andersk
chmod 755 /var/run/dirsrv
4:51 PM Changeset [950] by quentin
Add a scripts version number to the nss-ldapd package
4:41 PM Changeset [949] by quentin
Whoops, add the patch that nss-ldapd applies when building to the repo
4:22 AM Changeset [948] by quentin
Try hostbased authentication in the client
4:17 AM Changeset [947] by quentin
Add shosts.equiv for allowing logins
4:16 AM Changeset [946] by quentin
Allow ssh hostbased authentication
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