Jan 1, 2009:

11:26 PM Changeset [927] by quentin
More updated specs
11:02 PM Changeset [926] by quentin
Use an RPM macro instead of sed to specify package versions
9:12 PM Changeset [925] by quentin
Update specfile patches to provide scripts-specific virtual packages that we can depend on
9:12 PM Changeset [924] by quentin
Fix scripts-base package
4:15 PM Changeset [923] by quentin
Initial import of scripts-base package
2:32 PM Ticket #8 (execsys RPM installs improperly) closed by quentin
fixed: I think this is fixed in r922.

Dec 31, 2008:

11:17 PM Changeset [922] by quentin
don't stop execsys on package updates
11:00 PM Changeset [921] by andersk
userdel already implies groupdel.
10:53 PM Ticket #18 (Installing accountadm causes the signup user to be deleted) closed by quentin
fixed: Fixed in r918, r919, and r920. This also affected tokensys and …
10:49 PM Changeset [920] by quentin
Ignore preexisting users when reinstalling packages
10:41 PM Changeset [919] by quentin
Also fix tokensys
10:36 PM Changeset [918] by quentin
Only remove users on erase, not upgrade
10:26 PM Ticket #30 (upgrade nss_ldap out of a vulnerability) closed by quentin
wontfix: We now use nss-ldapd.
8:49 PM Changeset [917] by quentin
Build packages with their svn revision as their version number
8:18 PM Changeset [916] by quentin
We now build nss-ldapd with our Makefile!
7:42 PM Changeset [915] by quentin
Support mDNS on scripts
7:37 PM Changeset [914] by quentin
Add if_err_eth2 to allowed munin commands (wtf?)
7:34 PM Changeset [913] by quentin
Remove openSUSEisms from the specfile
7:21 PM Changeset [912] by quentin
Package nss-ldapd as a patch on the openSUSE rpm
5:16 PM Changeset [911] by quentin
Add nss-ldapd package
5:15 PM Changeset [910] by quentin
configuration for nss-ldapd
4:21 PM Changeset [909] by andersk
git and svn don't need to set HOME anymore.
4:18 PM Changeset [908] by andersk
Teach suexec to setenv("HOME").

Dec 30, 2008:

7:10 PM Changeset [907] by andersk
Force queries to the PTS database to be encrypted, so that responses can be authenticated.

Dec 29, 2008:

5:43 AM Changeset [906] by geofft
yum remove NetworkManager isn't sustainable.
5:32 AM Changeset [905] by geofft
Never mind, this patch is already in OpenAFS 1.4.8. The Makefile continues to be idiotic.
4:59 AM Changeset [904] by geofft
openafs: Compile on 2.6.27 [rt.central.org #111634]. Linux 2.6.27 replaced <asm/semaphore.h> with <linux/semaphore.h>.

Dec 28, 2008:

1:21 AM Changeset [903] by andersk
Replace {svnproxy,gitproxy} select() loop with a poll() loop, to catch closed output handles. This should prevent the gitproxy deadlock on errors.

Dec 22, 2008:

10:10 PM Changeset [902] by andersk
Run $AFS_POST_INIT from the openafs-client initscript, if it is defined in /etc/sysconfig/openafs. We use this to set the right sysname.
10:09 PM Changeset [901] by andersk
Upgrade to OpenAFS 1.4.8, dropping upstreamed patches.

Dec 20, 2008:

8:27 PM Ticket #80 (autoinstallers should filter spam by default) created by geofft
Autoinstallers always get overrun with spam, which sucks. There are …
8:23 PM Ticket #79 (Scripts SVN should support GSSAPI) created by broder
Scripts should be running svn 1.5 and have support for SASL/GSSAPI …
11:04 AM Changeset [900] by quentin
Check SVN status
10:45 AM Changeset [899] by quentin
Use new hostgroups for service configuration
10:44 AM Changeset [898] by quentin
Include XVM Nagios configuration
10:43 AM Changeset [897] by quentin
Add b-k as a scripts host
10:34 AM Changeset [896] by quentin
Add Nagios check commands
8:49 AM Changeset [895] by quentin
Remove andersk-cell from scripts pagers
8:48 AM Changeset [894] by quentin
Clean up Nagios pager notifications
8:48 AM Changeset [893] by quentin
Add new Nagios timeperiod 'never'

Dec 19, 2008:

12:48 PM Changeset [892] by andersk
Avoid getpwnam in vhostadd so that it works from outside scripts.

Dec 11, 2008:

5:50 AM Changeset [891] by quentin
Add reuter to blocked mail accounts list, and prevent outbound mail
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