Sep 14, 2008:

6:45 PM Changeset [838] by andersk
Package python-routefs.

Sep 13, 2008:

10:58 PM Changeset [837] by andersk
Update patch context.
4:48 PM Changeset [836] by andersk
Update the SNI patch as per <http://www.mail-archive.com/dev@httpd.apache.org/msg41417.html>. This is claimed to fix unnecessary SSL renegotiations, so maybe it has something to do with the repeated Firefox certificate popups.

Sep 8, 2008:

1:45 AM Changeset [835] by andersk

Sep 7, 2008:

1:36 PM Changeset [834] by andersk
Rephrase the vhostedit LDAP query.
1:24 PM Changeset [833] by andersk
Not all users are andersk.

Sep 4, 2008:

11:50 PM Changeset [832] by geofft
nelhage is much more awesome than CPAN.pm
1:11 AM Changeset [831] by andersk
MaxRequestsPerChild < Ridiculous

Sep 1, 2008:

6:37 PM Changeset [830] by andersk
fssar = fsr sa .

Aug 31, 2008:

3:38 AM Changeset [829] by geofft
Debathena's reasoning seems sound enough. Add fuse_allow_other, which will allow the Git vhosting fs to run entirely unprivileged.

Aug 29, 2008:

6:36 PM Changeset [828] by andersk
Search by objectClass (otherwise you get “Admin limit exceeded”).
6:17 PM Changeset [827] by andersk
Create scriptsVhost records automatically.
5:16 PM Changeset [826] by andersk
Teach vhostedit about scriptsVhost entries.
4:39 PM Changeset [825] by andersk
Package the svn vhosting infrastructure into execsys.
4:13 PM Changeset [824] by andersk
Fix `make httpd` too.
9:38 AM Changeset [823] by geofft
Add suexec support for things in a trusted directory, so we can make a trusted svn, etc. wrapper and su to the target user to use their permissions. This commit is being made with svnserve being invoked by such a trusted wrapper. Let's see if it works.

Aug 28, 2008:

11:33 PM Changeset [822] by geofft
4:07 PM Changeset [821] by geofft
I'm stupid.

Aug 26, 2008:

8:34 PM Changeset [820] by geofft
Add server certS for random-hall.mit.edu and mitsoc.mit.edu
8:08 PM Changeset [819] by geofft
Negotiate everything, don't just connect.

Aug 21, 2008:

6:07 PM Ticket #76 (Upgrade Joomla) created by geofft
There's this Joomla 1.5 thing which we should offer an autoinstaller …
2:28 AM Ticket #75 (Load balance on URL) created by geofft
We currently source-hash connections; different subsets of the IP …
2:05 AM Ticket #66 (Upgrade to Fedora 8 (or 9)) closed by geofft
fixed: Better late than never.

Aug 20, 2008:

2:11 PM Changeset [818] by geofft
My head is starting to heal!
11:51 AM Changeset [817] by geofft
Added code to zephyr on OOM kills. Also commented out a change by someone who doesn't believe in something.
3:49 AM Changeset [816] by andersk
Update the SNI patch for httpd 2.2.9, from <http://sni.velox.ch/httpd-2.2.x-sni.diff>.
3:36 AM Changeset [815] by andersk
Bring back patch-specs.

Aug 19, 2008:

12:05 PM Changeset [814] by geofft
As Anders would say...
12:02 PM Changeset [813] by geofft
This looks useful too
12:35 AM Changeset [812] by geofft
One day this will be a makefile or a maintainer script

Aug 18, 2008:

4:05 PM Changeset [811] by quentin
Add localhost to the list of scripts names
3:31 PM Changeset [810] by quentin
LDAP caching fix was moved upstream
3:20 PM Changeset [808] by geofft
Probably a useful file to have.
3:18 PM Changeset [809] by quentin
Make the patch valid (emacs patch-mode FTW)
2:57 PM Changeset [807] by quentin
Add routes for sql via eth1
2:05 PM Changeset [806] by quentin
Revert geofft's comments
2:01 PM Changeset [805] by quentin
Load balance port 444 in addition to port 443, and do a negotiate check on SSL so we verify the server is up
4:38 AM Changeset [804] by andersk
We don't actually have a deb.gif.

Aug 17, 2008:

4:19 PM Changeset [803] by geofft
More steps yay

Aug 16, 2008:

8:57 PM Changeset [802] by andersk
Allow a directory index of /__scripts/icons.
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