May 21, 2008:

5:29 PM Changeset [758] by quentin
Avoid spew in cases of serious error
5:27 PM Changeset [757] by quentin
Add AFS monitoring to Nagios
3:26 AM Changeset [756] by quentin
add sx-blade-4

May 14, 2008:

8:53 AM Changeset [755] by andersk
Oops, missed a spot.
8:48 AM Changeset [754] by andersk
Use the scripts private key for *.scripts as well (the previous *.scripts key was compromised by CVE-2008-0166).

May 13, 2008:

5:25 PM Changeset [753] by quentin
Import LVS aliases file

May 11, 2008:

2:27 AM Changeset [752] by njess
Script to mail to locker owners

May 8, 2008:

9:32 AM Ticket #71 (Install nss_nonlocal on scripts) closed by andersk
fixed: Done in r750 and r751.
9:28 AM Changeset [751] by andersk
Configure nsswitch.conf to use nss_nonlocal.
9:27 AM Changeset [750] by andersk
Add nss_nonlocal.

May 6, 2008:

11:10 PM Ticket #74 (foo@user.scripts.mit.edu should equal user+foo@scripts.mit.edu) created by quentin
We should make foo@… deliver mail to …
10:55 PM Changeset [749] by andersk
Nope. Don't care.
4:51 PM Ticket #73 (scripts test suite) created by andersk
It would be useful to have a scripts.mit.edu test suite, that lets us …

May 4, 2008:

9:44 PM Changeset [748] by andersk
Allow sending commits to instance rNNN or string.rNNN.
5:55 AM Changeset [747] by andersk
Correct usage message.
12:35 AM Changeset [746] by price
dang shell scripting
12:04 AM Changeset [745] by price
more never-committed changes from last time I don't know where these changes went. Reconstructed here.

May 3, 2008:

11:41 PM Changeset [744] by price
build-update: support prepatch script
11:03 PM Changeset [743] by njess
Updated wordpress installer for 2.5.1
9:25 PM Changeset [742] by njess
misc. uncommitted changes from April from acrefoot
7:42 PM Changeset [741] by njess
Added --dev argument to usage message

May 2, 2008:

7:19 PM Ticket #72 (https prompts for certificates way too often) created by andersk
With Firefox's new default of "ask every time" for client …
6:45 PM Changeset [740] by andersk
Update SSL configuration directives from Fedora's ssl.conf. Notably, disable SSLv2.
7:52 AM Changeset [739] by andersk

May 1, 2008:

8:22 AM Changeset [738] by andersk

Apr 30, 2008:

6:37 PM Changeset [737] by geofft
add a new Nagios timeperiod, 9x5
6:08 PM Changeset [736] by quentin
Initial import of munin AFS monitoring plugin
4:43 AM Ticket #71 (Install nss_nonlocal on scripts) created by andersk
Currently a hypothetical compromise of the LDAP server could be …

Apr 24, 2008:

3:06 PM Changeset [735] by quentin
hardcode SQL alerts to sql@mit.edu
12:36 AM Changeset [734] by andersk
Turn on KeepAlive for SSL and increase timeouts, to avoid pathological behavior with Firefox's new defaults for presenting certificates.

Apr 22, 2008:

11:55 PM Changeset [733] by geofft
* Sync the code structure in signup-minimal and onathena * Deal with $ATHENA_USER for Debathena * Always attempt to attach $lname
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