Jan 20, 2007:

10:52 PM Changeset [104] by presbrey
upd-execsys bug fix renamed staticsys-cat from sbin to bin to avoid selinux
10:24 PM Changeset [103] by presbrey
suexec SELinux transition
10:21 PM Changeset [102] by presbrey
selinux booleans
10:15 PM Changeset [101] by presbrey
10:15 PM Changeset [100] by presbrey
scripts SELinux strict module
10:09 PM Changeset [99] by presbrey
openafs selinux module fix signup module
9:59 PM Changeset [98] by presbrey
SELinux module file contexts
9:52 PM Changeset [97] by presbrey
openafs module typo
9:49 PM Changeset [96] by presbrey
blank module interface files
9:49 PM Changeset [95] by presbrey
9:42 PM Changeset [94] by presbrey
admof (locker admin check) strict SELinux module
9:37 PM Changeset [93] by presbrey
9:36 PM Changeset [92] by presbrey
renaming OpenAFS module
9:36 PM Changeset [91] by presbrey
Zephyr strict SELinux module
9:31 PM Changeset [90] by presbrey
OpenAFS Client strict SELinux module
9:23 PM Changeset [89] by tabbott
Modifying Fedora specfiles to use the make install targets created by previous checkin (except for tokensys, where it seems weird), and fixing stupid errors in the Makefile.ins. While I was at it, I fixed some trailing whitespace in the specfiles.
9:14 PM Changeset [88] by presbrey
Nagios NRPE strict SELinux module
8:53 PM Changeset [87] by tabbott
Makefile.in changes to make things more portable. Added install, clean, distclean targets so that one can easily build and install on non-Fedora systems, and removed unecessary targets (those that are already default make rules).

Jan 19, 2007:

5:47 PM Changeset [86] by jbarnold
oops happened again; removed more new code
5:13 PM Changeset [85] by jbarnold
removed code that caused kernel oops
4:11 PM Changeset [84] by presbrey
preliminary zephyr support
2:39 PM Changeset [83] by jbarnold
attempt at fixing vanishing-credentials bug
8:11 AM Changeset [82] by presbrey
httpd can resource limit suexec
7:44 AM Changeset [81] by presbrey
more specific SELinux AFS access interface procmail can spawn system binaries
7:41 AM Changeset [80] by presbrey
6:58 AM Changeset [79] by presbrey
vixie-cron executes as the user under SELinux SELinux policy for afsd and afsagent
4:28 AM Changeset [78] by presbrey
removing default context modification
4:20 AM Changeset [77] by presbrey
deleted SuidCells
4:18 AM Changeset [76] by presbrey
cron environment
12:45 AM Changeset [75] by presbrey
selinux config and services config script

Jan 16, 2007:

1:50 PM Changeset [74] by jbarnold
daemon.keytab should not live in /home/afsagent to avoid deletion with package
11:52 AM Changeset [73] by jbarnold
moved daemon.keytab back to /home/afsagent

Jan 15, 2007:

3:10 PM Changeset [72] by presbrey
longer sysstat history

Jan 14, 2007:

5:47 PM Changeset [71] by jbarnold
added mit zephyr spec patch (which removes package dep)
4:39 PM Changeset [70] by presbrey
auth_sslcert configuration
4:26 PM Changeset [69] by jbarnold
added call to renew at reboot
4:24 PM Changeset [68] by jbarnold
combined dep lists; added mit-zephyr deps
4:15 PM Changeset [67] by jbarnold
should have been part of last commit
4:09 PM Changeset [66] by jbarnold
various misc bug fixes
3:56 PM Changeset [65] by jbarnold
trying to make krb5 spec patch work with future krb5 versions
3:29 PM Changeset [64] by jbarnold
added mit-zephyr
3:20 PM Changeset [63] by jbarnold
added build dep for httpdmods; removed obsolete lockeradm spec file
3:18 PM Changeset [62] by presbrey
move to accountadm
3:07 PM Changeset [61] by jbarnold
updated install-build-deps for mit-zephyr; updated issue.net for new Athena ssh
2:56 PM Changeset [60] by presbrey
updated install-build-deps
2:13 AM Changeset [59] by jbarnold
added meta-patches (enables patching of files in SOURCES directory)
1:09 AM Changeset [58] by jbarnold
renamed lockeradm package to accountadm
1:01 AM Changeset [57] by jbarnold
previously forgot to svn add new spec file

Jan 13, 2007:

11:42 PM Changeset [56] by jbarnold
created package for apache modules

Jan 10, 2007:

2:28 AM Changeset [55] by jbarnold
Corrected bug that can cause shared tokens to disappear

Jan 5, 2007:

6:45 PM Changeset [54] by andersk
Add mod_auth_sslcert and mod_authz_afsgroup.

Dec 21, 2006:

1:03 AM Changeset [53] by jbarnold
Updated copyright file at Joe's request
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