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#146 fixed whoisd should deal with lost connections to slapd mitchb mitchb

Apparently restarting slapd (now that we sort of can do so) will break whoisd because it only opens a single connection when it starts up. We should make it try to reconnect if it loses that connection so that the whois webapp doesn't silently break.

#147 fixed Augment Nagios LDAP-MMR NRPE plugin to check for replication conflicts mitchb mitchb

Aside from making sure that the replicas themselves are okay and replication is running, we should have Nagios check the replicated suffix to see whether there are any records containing the nsds5ReplConflict attribute, which indicates a conflict that could not be automatically resolved.

#35 fixed sql web interface should make the lockername+ prefix more obvious presbrey andersk

(Imported from #545970.)


The SQL web interface should make it clear that it's going to prepend lockername+ to the database name. An easy solution would be

new database: andersk+[text box ] [add]


I've added your suggestion to the live version in the locker (/mit/sql/web_scripts/main/tpl/main.php).

Joe, could you check this in to SVN? I don't seem to have access to the repository.


This change has apparently gotten reverted, and users continue to be confused by it (such as stjerne who thought his database name was amanger, and me who keeps creating databases like hmmt+hmmt+database). Can this change be reapplied?


What is the status of this UI bug? It was fixed and then reverted.

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