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#275 fixed cronload should error when run without arguments adehnert

At the moment, if you run cronload with no arguments, it'll give you an error message from cat, and wipe your crontab:

[asa@cats-whiskers]:~/Scripts/django/db2.0/asadb$ cronload
/bin/cat: : No such file or directory
New crontab for asa:


Instead, it should give you a nice error message and not touch your crontab, or something.

#280 fixed Separate core AFS monitoring from foreign cells adehnert adehnert

At the moment, it's hard to tell when a nagios AFS warning is due to something we care about (-c athena or -c sipb mostly, I think) going down vs. some foreign cell. We probably want separate nagios checks for the two.

#314 wontfix Use ~/Scripts/web/ instead of ~/web_scripts/ for new users adehnert

web_scripts is sorta an annoying name and contributes to clutter in people's lockers. We should move away from it. (See also #263, although I don't believe there's any particular ordering constraint here.)

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