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#67 fixed should be in svn, and have some tweaks price price

In, we should

  • replace find -fprint with find -print, so it runs on my laptop
  • for each file found, use fs la to check that scripts-security-upd still has write bits; if not, we can ignore the directory
  • for each file found, tail -1 to find the version and spit that out with the filename.

Also, it should be in svn, so these changes can have a history.

#71 fixed Install nss_nonlocal on scripts andersk

Currently a hypothetical compromise of the LDAP server could be escalated to root access through control over system account information. I developed nss_nonlocal to solve exactly this problem; we should test and deploy it on scripts.

#72 fixed https prompts for certificates way too often andersk

With Firefox's new default of "ask every time" for client certificates, certificate-authenticated pages on scripts have been prompting for certificates multiple times on almost every page load. This does not seem to be a Firefox problem, since doesn't exhibit it.

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