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#53 fixed upgrade Gallery installer price

We have an installer for Gallery 2.0. Gallery 2.1 and 2.2 now exist.

The 2.1 release notes and 2.2 release notes describe a number of user-desirable new features, plus security fixes.

Let's upgrade -- first roll out a new installer so new users are happy, then look at upgrading existing instances.

#54 fixed Trac autoinstaller price

Plenty of people use Trac -- and we can hardly deny their desire to do so!

It'd be neat to have an autoinstaller for it. There are some subtleties, as Quentin observes every time someone else sets up a Trac instance in his presence...

#55 fixed certificates on * as a separate IP address quentin price

(Split out from #48.)

Currently gives a certificate error on IE 6 and Safari. The problem is that (modulo the recent SNI extension) the HTTPS protocol doesn’t support sending the virtual host name before the server must decide which certificate to present. In #48, Joe installed SNI, which FF 2 and IE 7 understand.

To accomplish the highly desirable #17, we need to support these other browsers; many scripts users will not consider it acceptable that their viewers on IE 6 and Safari get certificate errors. To do this, we can move to a separate IP from *, so that the server knows which certificate to present based on the IP.

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