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#15 fixed move hodge-podge to its own machine quentin price

Quentin once wrote:

"""Once again, hosage on steve-dallas has struck hodge-podge. We really need to move hodge-podge to its own machine."""

It sounds like this was resolved today, though.

#18 fixed Installing accountadm causes the signup user to be deleted andersk price

Installing the accountadm package causes the signup user to be deleted. Looking at the spec file, I'm not entirely sure why.

#20 fixed scripts LVS design issues andersk

(Imported from #431727.)

Now that Nagios doesn't suck, we can actually see the scripts outage caused by the AFS server restart every Sunday morning. This made me realize a few things:

  • Our fallback to hodge-podge isn't just an exceptional condition; it happens every week. Thus it's an even worse idea than I thought it was. Viewers will get confused, and search engines may remove pages from their indexes, if they happen to get a 404 error from hodge-podge at the wrong moment.

  • Since the heartbeat script is in the scripts locker, the AFS server that serves it (aegisthus) is a single point of failure. Ideally LVS would check multiple heartbeat scripts in lockers on several different AFS servers, and continue routing connections if any of them respond.
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