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#128 fixed Several tickets fail to display now (due to SensitiveTickets plugin bug) andersk

Tickets #1 and #2 (at least) in this Trac are broken. We should fix them.

scripts / trac-#127 / adehnert  22:36  (Alex Dehnert)
    adehnert filed a new ticket:
    ttants: 1, 687224 should be aware that ticket number 1 is
    not the same as number 687224.
scripts / trac-not-#127 / andersk  01:20  (Anders Kaseorg)
scripts / trac-not-#127 / andersk  01:21  (Anders Kaseorg)
    Oh, I bet it complains that ticket 687224 doesn’t exist because it’s
    trying to linkify the text “[ #687224]” in the comment.
scripts / trac-not-#127 / quentin  01:22  (Quentin Smith)
    Oh. It's probably trying to check the permissions on that link...
scripts / trac-not-#127 / quentin  01:22  (Quentin Smith)
    (I didn't disable that part of the sensitivetickets plugin...)
scripts / trac-not-#127 / andersk  01:22  (Anders Kaseorg)
    Why… does it care about the permissions on that link?
scripts / trac-not-#127 / quentin  01:23  (Quentin Smith)
    Presumably because it's trying to find out the title and state of the
    tickets so it can put a TITLE on the link?
#131 fixed Better package management for eggs, gems, and other vaguely spherical-shaped objects andersk

We currently install a bunch of Perl CPAN modules, Python eggs, and Ruby gems behind RPM’s back. But we have no plan in place for upgrading them, making sure they don’t conflict with RPMs, or making sure they get superseded by new Fedora packages when they become available. This is a disaster waiting to discovered.

Everything should be an RPM. There are tools for automatically converting these creatures into RPMs, such as cpanspec, bdist_rpm, and gem2rpm. We should start using them and get rid of all the unpackaged modules lying around.

#136 fixed PHP 5.3 mysqlnd requires new-style passwords geofft

The servers currently have old_passwords=1 set in the mysqld configuration for compatibility with MySQL 3.x and 4.x clients. The MySQL native driver in PHP 5.3 only knows how to deal with new-style passwords; this will probably bite us hard when we move to PHP 5.3 as part of upgrading to Fedora 13.

We'll need to either figure out if we can do the backward-compatible but insecure hack of making PHP clients able to use old-style passwords (disable the native driver? patch it?), or if we can drop support for MySQL clients that don't support new-style passwords, i.e., 4.0.x and below.

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