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#6 fixed Install scripts should validate locker name broder

Autoinstallers fail if you give them a full path instead of just the Hesiod name for the locker.

(Taken from RT #439738)

#7 fixed log -c scripts andersk price

Let's log class scripts. Anders mailed charon-maintainers today requesting this.


#8 fixed execsys RPM installs improperly andersk

(Imported from #405341.)


For some reason,

rpm -e execsys; rpm -ivh execsys.rpm

on o-f does not populate binfmt_misc whereas the same command does populate binfmt_misc on b-m. Running "service execsys-binfmt start" manually works.

Fortunately, the confusion resulting from this bug did not cause any http downtime due to LVS.

Also: When o-f was not serving http requests, ssh-ing to failed completely instead of allowing logins to the second server. Perhaps I didn't wait long enough.

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