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(edit) @1743   12 years mitchb Stop scriptsifying 389-ds-base This patch is now in Fedora's ...
(edit) @1742   12 years mitchb Fix whoisd bug introduced in r1741 The code in r1741 would cause the ...
(edit) @1741   12 years mitchb Make whoisd resilient against LDAP service interruptions Fixes Trac #146
(edit) @1740   12 years mitchb Stop scriptsifying ipython This fix is now in Fedora's ...
(edit) @1739   12 years mitchb Eliminate spurious opsnssh error messages related to public keys If ...
(edit) @1738   12 years ezyang Trivial update to httpd.spec.diff for latest version.
(edit) @1737   12 years mitchb Certificate and Apache config for
(edit) @1736   12 years geofft Move's locker
(edit) @1735   12 years geofft Reified vhosts for listmon and sayno
(edit) @1734   12 years mitchb Renewed cert for
(edit) @1733   12 years geofft SSL certificates for listmon and sayno
(edit) @1732   12 years ezyang Bump maximum request size of mod_fcgid; this fixes large file uploads ...
(edit) @1729   12 years ezyang Revert incorrect stanza for disabling signups.
(edit) @1728   12 years ezyang Restore PHP iCalendar
(edit) @1726   12 years ezyang Scriptsify ipython, add patch for GTK.
(edit) @1725   12 years ezyang Un-scriptsify mod_fcgid.
(edit) @1723   12 years ezyang Add signup disabling stanza, say fs setacl not fs sa.
(edit) @1722   12 years ezyang mod_fcgid 2.3.6 is OK.
(edit) @1721   12 years adehnert Send srimano to /dev/null due to backscatter
(edit) @1720   12 years geofft punt gdb
(edit) @1719   12 years andersk Reify
(edit) @1718   12 years andersk Unreify
(edit) @1717   12 years andersk Identify processes triggering the kernel module loader for the logs
(edit) @1716   12 years geofft Have slapd use a file ccache instead of a memory one I suspect this ...
(edit) @1715   12 years geofft Pristine version of /etc/sysconfig/dirsrv
(edit) @1714   12 years ezyang Scriptsify mod_fcgid (this is non-working.)
(edit) @1713   12 years geofft Cert renewals, and new cert for fridget
(edit) @1712   12 years ezyang Comment about replacing source.
(edit) @1711   12 years ezyang Switch to a temporary OpenAFS source RPM URL that works.
(edit) @1710   12 years ezyang Updated Kerberos version number.
(edit) @1709   12 years ezyang Exclude mod_fcgid from updates.
(edit) @1708   12 years ezyang Add mock configuration for Fedora 13.
(edit) @1707   12 years ezyang Ignore oom_adj for all values.
(edit) @1706   12 years geofft Backport harder
(edit) @1705   12 years geofft Scriptsify 389 to grab fix for RHBZ #637852
(edit) @1704   12 years ezyang Info about adding servers to SSH config.
(edit) @1703   12 years geofft Also update DenyUsers and ssh_known_hosts
(edit) @1702   12 years geofft Update shosts.equiv to list new servers
(edit) @1701   12 years ezyang Set default date.timezone.
(edit) @1700   12 years mitchb Fill in missing names for the vhost
(edit) @1699   12 years ezyang Word of warning about PHP sessions.
(edit) @1698   12 years ezyang Restore r1692.
(edit) @1697   12 years ezyang Restore r1686.
(edit) @1696   12 years ezyang Add notes about first-time installs of hostnames.
(edit) @1695   12 years ezyang Add section about testing infrastructure.
(edit) @1693   12 years ezyang Merge Fedora 13 development back to trunk.
(edit) @1691   12 years ezyang Switch SMTP to F13. give s-a more weight.
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