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(edit) @993   15 years quentin Don't warn about CRON being broken during an AFS outage
(edit) @991   15 years quentin Add CRON-WORKING Nagios test, and contact scripts when sql goes down
(edit) @990   15 years mitchb If I'm going to deal with outages, I should be able to ACK them and ...
(edit) @960   15 years quentin Update hostgroup names so they stay within the scripts- namespace, so ...
(edit) @958   15 years quentin Change zephyr host notifications to include the notification type
(edit) @900   16 years quentin Check SVN status
(edit) @899   16 years quentin Use new hostgroups for service configuration
(edit) @898   16 years quentin Include XVM Nagios configuration
(edit) @897   16 years quentin Add b-k as a scripts host
(edit) @896   16 years quentin Add Nagios check commands
(edit) @895   16 years quentin Remove andersk-cell from scripts pagers
(edit) @894   16 years quentin Clean up Nagios pager notifications
(edit) @893   16 years quentin Add new Nagios timeperiod 'never'
(edit) @737   16 years geofft add a new Nagios timeperiod, 9x5
(edit) @735   16 years quentin hardcode SQL alerts to
(edit) @718   16 years quentin Place resource.cfg inside the private subdirectory
(edit) @717   16 years quentin Correct location for mail
(edit) @716   16 years quentin Update Nagios configuration to run on Debian's nagios2
(edit) @714   16 years quentin Update cgi.cfg for running on syn
(edit) @709   16 years quentin Increase ping times, add nscd monitoring
(edit) @706   16 years quentin Part of r705
(edit) @705   16 years quentin Only check services on real servers
(edit) @704   16 years quentin Add sipb-ether and put the hosts behind it
(edit) @678   16 years quentin Bump scripts' load warning levels
(edit) @670   16 years presbrey SNI certificate stuff; someone else's LVS stuff
(edit) @535   17 years quentin Require 6 consecutive checks to fail before notification.
(edit) @534   17 years quentin Expand AFS outage window to 2 hours
(edit) @533   17 years quentin Add andersk's cell phone
(edit) @430   17 years quentin Changed host groups to be more accurate
(edit) @429   17 years quentin Added service checks, including SSH and SSL certificate expiration.
(edit) @428   17 years quentin Added quentin, geofft's pager numbers and added links to MRTG graphs ...
(edit) @427   17 years quentin Added an "afs" time period for everything except scheduled AFS outages.
(edit) @321   17 years quentin Add a check command for hosts so that their status is properly logged ...
(edit) @320   17 years quentin Move resource template to a better filename
(edit) @319   17 years quentin ignoring resource.cfg because it contains a sensitive password
(edit) @318   17 years quentin Added quentin and geofft as Nagios administrators.
(add) @48   18 years presbrey NOC nagios configuration
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