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(edit) @1046   14 years mitchb Dammit, Geoff, test things. Fix django autoinstaller again.
(edit) @1045   14 years geofft onathena: Uncommitted changes that enable *.scripts and ~/Scripts ...
(edit) @1044   14 years geofft django installer: Add pointers to
(edit) @1042   14 years mitchb More fixes and improvements to the django autoinstaller o Set ...
(edit) @1041   14 years mitchb Avoid a harmless yet ominous error message when using hack ...
(edit) @1038   14 years mitchb Fix more of django autoinstaller. Actually fill in, ...
(edit) @1036   14 years mitchb Fix django autoinstaller. Pass the URL components to the fcgi.
(edit) @1015   15 years mitchb Fix generation of the fallback htaccess file for trac. Using single ...
(edit) @1014   15 years geofft trac: Enable the git plugin if you're using git.
(edit) @995   15 years geofft Django auto-installer.
(edit) @743   15 years njess Updated wordpress installer for 2.5.1
(edit) @733   15 years geofft * Sync the code structure in signup-minimal and onathena * Deal with ...
(edit) @728   15 years andersk plz test ur files kthx
(edit) @727   15 years andersk I *thought* this line had too many non-punctuation characters to be ...
(edit) @725   15 years price make WordPress compatible with $USER.scripts URIs
(edit) @702   16 years andersk Make trac work from all URLs.
(edit) @701   16 years andersk Enable webadmin and use UTF-8.
(edit) @700   16 years price trac autoinstaller: tracdata/.htaccess as fallback
(edit) @697   16 years price oops. reverse unrelated commit to joomla
(edit) @696   16 years price trac autoinstaller: deploy/bin/trac
(edit) @691   16 years geofft Per RT #583975, warning about the SQL password being copied
(edit) @524   16 years quentin geofft lied.
(edit) @523   16 years quentin Add a description identifying what web_scripts_tmp is so that users ...
(edit) @476   16 years andersk Add $email variable.
(edit) @475   16 years andersk Uncurl gallery2.
(edit) @474   16 years andersk File::Path for mkpath and rmtree.
(edit) @473   16 years andersk More joomla cleanup.
(edit) @472   16 years andersk Uncurl advancedbook, advancedpoll, e107, joomla, phpbb.
(edit) @470   16 years andersk Uncurl mediawiki.
(edit) @469   16 years andersk deploydev -> deploy
(edit) @468   16 years andersk Uncurl wordpress installer.
(edit) @467   16 years andersk Right.
(edit) @466   16 years andersk Prepare to get rid of curl.
(edit) @465   16 years andersk Sync svn with locker.
(edit) @463   16 years andersk ssh sucks.
(edit) @462   16 years andersk Things that give me nightmares, volume 462.
(edit) @457   16 years andersk Things that give me nightmares, volume 457.
(edit) @456   16 years quentin mediawiki 1.11 installer + improvements to installer system
(edit) @438   16 years andersk The time has come that sshmic fails to work on more machines than it ...
(edit) @382   16 years presbrey new SQL signup and server
(edit) @240   17 years jbarnold Another attempt to fix the automatic installer bug
(edit) @239   17 years jbarnold First attempt to fix autoinstaller bug Using a subdir of web_scripts ...
(edit) @237   17 years geofft Force trailing slash on install directory.
(edit) @160   17 years jbarnold enforce that .sql is not world-readable on every invokation
(edit) @159   17 years jbarnold more authuser corrections; fixed dot-in-session-name bug
(edit) @128   17 years jbarnold current copies of locker software
(add) @127   17 years jbarnold old copies of locker software
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