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(edit) @1978   11 years achernya Update postfix configuration for 2.8.4
(edit) @1973   11 years ezyang Merge r1947-r1972 from trunk to branches/fc15-dev
(edit) @1967   11 years andersk Only enable UserDir in scripts-vhost.conf
(edit) @1966   11 years ezyang Don't disable UserDir, only to turn it on again.
(edit) @1965   11 years achernya Init script (systemd unit) for Scripts Whois service
(edit) @1963   11 years ezyang Ignore 'fatal: mm_request_receive', see ...
(edit) @1960   11 years achernya Disable syslog-ng stats logs syslog-ng by default prints a stats ...
(edit) @1959   11 years achernya Remove krb4 configuration files We use krb5, there's no need to ...
(edit) @1958   11 years achernya Specify full path to getcap /usr/sbin/ is not in PATH when run from crond
(edit) @1957   11 years achernya ping and ping6 now use capabilities ping and ping6 have been changed ...
(edit) @1956   11 years achernya Create check-filecaps cronjob and and yum post-actions override This ...
(edit) @1955   11 years geofft Remove /etc/ldap.conf This was only needed for nss_ldap, which we no ...
(edit) @1953   11 years achernya Make rc.local executable. systemd runs rc.local, it doesn't source ...
(edit) @1948   11 years achernya Fix path to kinit.
(edit) @1947   12 years achernya Merge r r1938-r1946 from trunk to branches/fc15-dev
(edit) @1938   12 years achernya Merge r1878-r1937 from trunk to branches/fc15-dev
(edit) @1911   12 years achernya Make d_zroot work properly was copied to a-h, and it was ...
(edit) @1910   12 years achernya Make ghc-cgi installonly ghc-cgi exists in Fedora, but is an older ...
(edit) @1909   12 years achernya Allow weak crypto in krb5.conf Without this configuration, F15 would ...
(edit) @1886   12 years achernya Postfix got updated for F15 since last configuration update.
(edit) @1885   12 years achernya Set sysname for Fedora 15
(edit) @1878   12 years achernya Merge r1803-1877 from trunk to branches/fc15-dev
(edit) @1876   12 years achernya sysconfig/sysstat configuration for F15
(edit) @1875   12 years achernya sysconfig/httpd configuration for F15
(edit) @1874   12 years achernya syslog-ng configuration for F15
(edit) @1873   12 years achernya Postfix configuration for F15
(edit) @1828   12 years achernya Update yum-repos path for F15 for mock.
(edit) @1827   12 years achernya Configure F15 Scripts Repo It doesn't make sense to build packages ...
(edit) @1808   12 years achernya Additional necessary changes to build the Scripts RPMs on Fedora 15: ...
(edit) @1804   12 years achernya Added mock configuration for Fedora 15, edited make file to use fc15-dev
(copy) @1803   12 years achernya Creating a branch for Fedora 15 development.
copied from trunk/server/fedora/config/etc:
(edit) @1802   12 years adehnert New certs for bc and asa
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