Sep 6, 2010, 11:17:35 PM (14 years ago)
Miscellaneous updates to our installation document.

In particular:

    * Minimal installs (introduced in Fedora 13) allow you to
      avoid having to disable a bunch of gunk.

    * We do checkouts from scripts.mit.edu these days, not some
      arbitrarily chosen source server.

    * make install-deps may silently fail to install some packages

    * scripts-build needs to be in the mock group

    * Docs on how to turn passworded auth back on for new Fedora
      release development

    * Pointer to the new upgrade-tips documentation

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  • branches/fc13-dev/server/doc/install-howto.sh

    r1544 r1619  
    99boot=${1:$(cat /scripts-boot-count)}
    11 # XXX: let 'branch' be the current svn branch you are on
     11# XXX: let 'branch' be the current svn branch you are on.  You want to
     12# use trunk if your just installing a new server, and branches/fcXX-dev
     13# if your preparing a server on a new Fedora release.
    1315doreboot() {
    3133# kerneloops, mdmonitor, messagebus, microcode_ctl, netfs, network, nscd, ntpd,
    3234# sshd, udev-post, and nothing else.
     36# If you did a minimal install, these won't be installed, so you'll
     37# need to do this step later in the process.
    3338    echo "--disabled" > /etc/sysconfig/system-config-firewall
    3439    for i in NetworkManager avahi-daemon bluetooth cups isdn nfslock nfs pcscd restorecond rpcbind rpcgssd rpcidmapd sendmail; do
    5964    cd /srv
    60     svn co svn://$source_server/$branch repository
     65    svn co svn://scripts.mit.edu/$branch repository
    6267    sed -i 's/^(# *)*store-passwords.*/store-passwords = no/' /root/.subversion/config
    7479    YUM install -y make
    7580    make install-deps
     81    # You should pay close attention to the output of this command, and
     82    # note if packages you think should exist don't exist anymore.  In
     83    # particular, if Fedora changes an architecture designation those
     84    # won't work.
     86# Add scripts-build to the group 'mock'
     87    usermod -a -G mock scripts-build
    7789# Install bind
    90102# you have named.
     104# You can get password SSH back by editing /etc/ssh/sshd_config (allow
     105# password auth) and /etc/pam.d/sshd (comment out the first three auth
     106# lines)
    92108    service named start
    93109    chkconfig named on
     111# This is the point at which you should start updating scriptsified
     112# packages for a new Fedora release.  Consult 'upgrade-tips' for more
     113# information.
    95115# In the case of the Kerberos libraries, you'll be told that
    108128    yumdownloader krb5-libs
    109129    # XXX: These version numbers are hardcoded, need some cli-fu to generalize
     130    # FC13: Check if they are necessary
    110131    rpm -i krb5-libs-*.i586.rpm
    111132    rpm -U --force krb5-libs-*.scripts.1138.x86_64.rpm
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