source: vhosts/conf.d/linerva.conf @ 244

Last change on this file since 244 was 244, checked in by andersk, 17 years ago
Include common config files vhosts-common.conf and vhosts-common-ssl.conf from every VirtualHost block, and set KeepAlive off on all SSL vhosts (to work around the infamous LVS+MediaWiki+SSL problem).
File size: 649 bytes
[137]1<VirtualHost *:80>
2        ServerName
[219]3        ServerAlias linerva linux-dialup linux not-slowlaris
[137]4        DocumentRoot /afs/
5        SuExecUserGroup linerva linerva
[244]6        Include conf.d/vhosts-common.conf
[244]9<IfModule ssl_module>
10        <VirtualHost *:443>
11                ServerName
12                ServerAlias linerva linux-dialup linux not-slowlaris
13                DocumentRoot /afs/
14                SuExecUserGroup linerva linerva
15                Include conf.d/vhosts-common-ssl.conf
16        </VirtualHost>
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