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Update krb5 to 1.11.5-19.fc20
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  • krb5.spec

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    4141Summary: The Kerberos network authentication system
    4242Name: krb5
    4343Version: 1.11.5
    44 Release: 19%{?dist}
     44Release: 19%{?dist}.scripts.%{scriptsversion}
    4545# Maybe we should explode from the now-available-to-everybody tarball instead?
    4747Source0: krb5-%{version}.tar.gz
    143143Patch405: 0005-Be-more-careful-of-target-ccache-collections.patch
    144144Patch406: 0006-Copy-config-entries-to-the-target-ccache.patch
     146Patch1000: krb5-kuserok-scripts.patch
    146148License: MIT
    148150Group: System Environment/Libraries
    232234%package libs
    233235Summary: The shared libraries used by Kerberos 5
    234236Group: System Environment/Libraries
     237Provides: scripts-krb5-libs, scripts-krb5-libs%{?_isa}
    235238%if 0%{?rhel} == 6
    236239# Some of the older libsmbclient builds here incorrectly called
    237240# krb5_locate_kdc(), which was mistakenly exported in 1.9.
    410413%patch203 -p1 -b .otp2
    411414%patch204 -p1 -b .move-otp-sockets
     416%patch1000 -p1 -b .kuserok
    413418# Take the execute bit off of documentation.
    414419chmod -x doc/krb5-protocol/*.txt
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