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bash: Disable function imports The upstream fix for CVE-2014-6271 isn’t good enough. Furthermore, even if they were completely fixed to operate as intended, they are still a bad idea to begin with. Disable this feature entirely.
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  • bash.spec

    old new  
    77Version: %{baseversion}%{patchleveltag}
    88Name: bash
    99Summary: The GNU Bourne Again shell
    10 Release: 3%{?dist}
     10Release: 3%{?dist}.scripts.%{scriptsversion}
     11Provides: scripts-bash
    1112Group: System Environment/Shells
    1213License: GPLv3+
    124125# 1112710 - mention ulimit -c and -f POSIX block size
    125126Patch128: bash-4.2-man-ulimit.patch
     128# Disable function imports
     129Patch9000: bash-4.2-disable-function-imports.patch
    127131BuildRequires: texinfo bison
    128132BuildRequires: ncurses-devel
    129133BuildRequires: autoconf, gettext
    226230%patch125 -p1 -b .size_type
    227231%patch126 -p1 -b .missing_closes
    228232%patch128 -p1 -b .ulimit
     233%patch9000 -p1 -b .disable_function_imports
    230235echo %{version} > _distribution
    231236echo %{release} > _patchlevel
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