source: trunk/server/fedora/config/etc/yum/post-actions/statoverride.action @ 1926

Last change on this file since 1926 was 1926, checked in by mitchb, 13 years ago
Unbork yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions We tried to be too clever for ourselves; stop doing that. Our intent was to make sure that permission changes were made on both installs and updates of packages containing relevant files, but we didn't want to duplicate each line, so we chose to trigger on "any" instead of "install" and "update". An update actually consists of installation of one package and removal of its previous version, and filelists aren't available to yum or rpm for removed packages, so if your trigger is a filename on a removed package, the plugin fails ungracefully. Since an update includes an install of the new package version, the "install" package set includes all updated packages, and we should only trigger on it. Additionally, the -f option we gave chmod to blow through errors silently when files weren't there (for removal of a package) won't be necessary as a result.
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1/bin/cgexec:install:chmod ug-s /bin/cgexec
2/bin/fusermount:install:chmod ug-s /bin/fusermount
3/bin/mount:install:chmod ug-s /bin/mount
4/bin/su:install:chmod ug-s /bin/su
5/bin/umount:install:chmod ug-s /bin/umount
6/sbin/mount.nfs:install:chmod ug-s /sbin/mount.nfs
7/sbin/netreport:install:chmod ug-s /sbin/netreport
8/usr/bin/chage:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/chage
9/usr/bin/chfn:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/chfn
10/usr/bin/chsh:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/chsh
11/usr/bin/gpasswd:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/gpasswd
12/usr/bin/lockfile:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/lockfile
13/usr/bin/newgrp:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/newgrp
14/usr/bin/newrole:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/newrole
15/usr/bin/passwd:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/passwd
16/usr/bin/rcp:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/rcp
17/usr/bin/rlogin:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/rlogin
18/usr/bin/rsh:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/rsh
19/usr/bin/sperl5.10.1:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/sperl5.10.1
20/usr/bin/ssh-agent:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/ssh-agent
21/usr/bin/wall:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/wall
22/usr/bin/write:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/write
23/usr/bin/Xorg:install:chmod ug-s /usr/bin/Xorg
24/usr/kerberos/bin/ksu:install:chmod ug-s /usr/kerberos/bin/ksu
25/usr/lib64/nspluginwrapper/plugin-config:install:chmod ug-s /usr/lib64/nspluginwrapper/plugin-config
26/usr/lib64/vte/gnome-pty-helper:install:chmod ug-s /usr/lib64/vte/gnome-pty-helper
27/usr/sbin/ccreds_chkpwd:install:chmod ug-s /usr/sbin/ccreds_chkpwd
28/usr/sbin/userisdnctl:install:chmod ug-s /usr/sbin/userisdnctl
29/usr/sbin/usernetctl:install:chmod ug-s /usr/sbin/usernetctl
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