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Create yum post-actions: setugid-override.action This file is to be used with yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions. The specified files will be stripped of their set[ug]id bits upon installation or update.
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2# action_key can be: pkgglob, /path/to/file (wildcards allowed)
3# transaction_state can be: install,update,remove,any
4# command can be: any shell command
5#  the following variables are allowed to be passed to any command:
6#   $name - package name
7#   $arch - package arch
8#   $ver - package version
9#   $rel - package release
10#   $epoch - package epoch
11#   $repoid - package repository id
12#   $state - text string of state of the package in the transaction set
14# file matches cannot be used with removes b/c we don't have the info available
15/bin/cgexec:any:chmod -f ug-s /bin/cgexec
16/bin/fusermount:any:chmod -f ug-s /bin/fusermount
17/bin/mount:any:chmod -f ug-s /bin/mount
18/bin/su:any:chmod -f ug-s /bin/su
19/bin/umount:any:chmod -f ug-s /bin/umount
20/sbin/netreport:any:chmod -f ug-s /sbin/netreport
21/usr/bin/chage:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/chage
22/usr/bin/chfn:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/chfn
23/usr/bin/chsh:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/chsh
24/usr/bin/gpasswd:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/gpasswd
25/usr/bin/lockfile:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/lockfile
26/usr/bin/newgrp:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/newgrp
27/usr/bin/newrole:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/newrole
28/usr/bin/passwd:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/passwd
29/usr/bin/rcp:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/rcp
30/usr/bin/rlogin:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/rlogin
31/usr/bin/rsh:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/rsh
32/usr/bin/sperl5.10.1:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/sperl5.10.1
33/usr/bin/ssh-agent:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/ssh-agent
34/usr/bin/wall:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/wall
35/usr/bin/write:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/write
36/usr/bin/Xorg:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/bin/Xorg
37/usr/kerberos/bin/ksu:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/kerberos/bin/ksu
38/usr/lib64/nspluginwrapper/plugin-config:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/lib64/nspluginwrapper/plugin-config
39/usr/lib64/vte/gnome-pty-helper:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/lib64/vte/gnome-pty-helper
40/usr/sbin/ccreds_chkpwd:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/sbin/ccreds_chkpwd
41/usr/sbin/userisdnctl:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/sbin/userisdnctl
42/usr/sbin/usernetctl:any:chmod -f ug-s /usr/sbin/usernetctl
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